5 Key Benefits of Wide Grip Press-Ups

5 Key Benefits of Wide Grip Press-Ups

What Are Wide Grip Press-Ups?

When working out, one of the most common challenges that people can find is knowing what exercises meet their own needs and goals.

While variety is always important, some key fitness exercises will always stand out – and one of them is the wide grip press-up.

Wide grip press-ups are very commonly used by those looking to really optimize their press-up strength and are similar in most ways to a regular press-up or even a diamond press-up.

If you are looking to do more press-ups, then you should almost certainly look to make the most of this guide to help you understand what it entails.

The Differences Between Press-Up Styles

1. For one, with a wide grip press-up as opposed to a diamond or ‘regular’ press-up, you will be working different muscle groups.

2. Your hand positions change, too – the form is similar in terms of leg extension and the straightness of the body. Wide grip versions, though, will have your hands flat on the floor, just outside of the shoulder. 

3. Instead of using your elbows pulled in as you would with the diamond push-up, here you allow them to flare out a touch to the side as you descend, allowing them to bend accordingly.

4. The wide grip press-up is ‘easier’ too, as it requires less of a balance to pull off. Since you are using a smaller base in the diamond press-up – your hands – to push all of that body weight with, they are naturally more challenging.

Which Muscle Groups Are Worked?

Which Muscle Groups Are Worked?

Since this pulls your hands further apart, you are going to be working the chest muscles more. 

This is because, rather than the closer-in styles that work the shoulders & triceps, you will be working your chest muscles almost exclusively.

If your aim is to try and work out the chest above everything else, then the wide grip press-up is a very smart exercise to begin with, for sure.

The Key Benefits of Wide Grip Press-Ups

1. If you are used to doing normal press-ups, then breaking away from that familiarity can be good for body, concentration and actual performance. 

2. Targeting the same exercise and using the same muscle groups over and over means they will hit a plateau, stopping you from seeing progress. This allows you to keep doing press-ups, working other muscles.

3. Since it works the chest muscles so much, it can be a great exercise for helping you to vastly improve how your press-ups actually work the body. If you are finding that your chest needs more work, they are one of the most efficient exercises around for that.

4. It can help to ensure that you can keep getting positives from press-ups; over time, they can begin to vastly reduce in their overall return. Wide grip press-ups allow you to see a ‘reboot’ of the body as you switch from style to style.

5. Overall, the wide grip press-up offers a similar function to the normal press-up or diamond version, but offers just enough variety to work other muscles and make it a valued workout companion. 

So what are you waiting for. Get pushing!

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