Calimove Complete Calisthenics vs Body Transformation

If you’re considering which Calimove program to enrol in then you’ve already got the hardest decision out of the way; after all, there are many paid calisthenics programs on the market to choose from, but we rated Calimove at #1 in our review of the different programs available. 

But with multiple Calimove programs on offer, which one is best for you?

Not only do you have to decide which of the two key programs to choose from (Complete Calisthenics vs Body Transformation), but you also need to choose between paying for individual courses within the programs, or spending more on the full program bundle that will cost more upfront, but save you money in the long term.

In this post, we’ll compare the different programs side-by-side, and help you make a decision you won’t regret.

Calimove Program/Course Comparison Table

At the time of writing, here is a side-by-side comparison of the programs/courses available and how much each costs.

Note: All prices listed are for the one-time payment option. A monthly payment option is offered on all items, though expect to pay 10-20% more overall when using this option.

NamePriceCourse DurationLink
Complete Calisthenics Level 1-5 Bundle$239.9995 weeksView
Complete Calisthenics Level 1-3 Bundle$155.9957 weeksView
Complete Calisthenics Level 4-5 Bundle$107.9938 weeksView
Complete Calisthenics - Individual Levels$71.9919 weeksView
Body Transformation Bundle$275.99105 weeksView
Body Transformation! - Basics$107.9930 weeksView
Body Transformation! - Pro$119.9940 weeksView
Body Transformation! - Elite$113.9935 weeksView
Home Workout$82.8025 weeksView

Complete Calisthenics vs Body Transformation: Which is best for you?

Each of the Calimove programs has a different goal in mind, so you should first consider what you want to get out of the program before choosing which route to progress with.

To summarise the difference between the two programs:

  • Complete Calisthenics is about mastering your bodyweight in terms of strength, coordination & balance
  • Body Transformation is a better choice for building muscle and is structured like a bodyweight bodybuilding program

A good example Calimove use to explain some of the differences between the two programs is the handstand. The handstand is a challenging yet very fun skill to learn, but because it has no benefit to building muscle, it isn’t featured in the Body Transformation program.

On a personal note, I love training calisthenics because I enjoy learning new skills. I of course enjoy the physical benefits I gain from calisthenics, but building muscle isn’t my primary goal, so the Body Transformation program doesn’t interest me. The Complete Calisthenics program on the other hand is a perfect choice.

I would also add that if building muscle (size/hypertrophy) is your primary goal, then perhaps calisthenics isn’t the optimal training method. In a previous article, we talked about how you can certainly build muscle size with only bodyweight exercises, but it isn’t the most efficient method to do so:

One of the biggest drawbacks [to bodyweight exercises] is that progression isn’t always easy. Obviously, there’s no victory without first a great sacrifice. With weight training, you can move up in small increments over time which provides motivation and small checkpoints in your way to a bigger goal. Going from a tuck planche to a full planche is much harder than going from an 80kg bench press to a 100kg bench press.

Because of this, it’s also harder to train based on auto-regulation. Auto-regulation is simply where you adjust the intensity of your session based upon how your mind and body are feeling. As there’s fewer progressions or adjustments for bodyweight training, you can’t slightly adjust the weight on the day; you’d have to change the movement.

It is possible to adjust the difficulty of a bodyweight exercise to an extent. This can be done by using a weighted vest or weighted dip belt to make it harder or by using resistance bands to make an exercise easier. Unfortunately, these methods are harder to measure than gym weights where you can simply increase or decrease weight in smaller set increments.

Although it’s not optimal, the Body Transformation program would be a great choice for somebody who is looking to build size but doesn’t have access to a gym or a large variety of gym equipment. The Body Transformation program only requires a pull-up bar, parallel bars (or a dip station), gymnastic rings, resistance bands and a weight belt, which makes it a good choice for those who want to train at home.

Which Calimove bundle or level is right for you?

The comparison table earlier in this post outlines the price of each bundle or level, and it is clearly more cost-effective to purchase a bundle rather than each level individually.

That said, it may be a waste of time buying either the Complete Calisthenics or Body Transformation bundles if any of the earlier levels/courses are too easy for you, as you won’t end up making use of them.

Note: The exception to this rule is if you purchase the Complete Calisthenics Level 1-5 bundle but skip the 1st level, as it is still more cost-effective to buy the full bundle at $239.99 than it is to buy 4x individual levels at $71.99, totalling $287.96.

We recommend you first compare your current abilities to the prerequisites of each program shown below, as this will help you understand where you should start on either of the programs.

Complete Calisthenics Level 1-5 - Requirements
Complete Calisthenics Level 1-5 – Requirements/Prerequisites
Calimove Body Transformation - Requirements
Calimove Body Transformation – Requirements/Prerequisites

The prerequisites for the Body Transformation programs are largely based on years of experience, which isn’t as tangible as the Complete Calisthenics prerequisites, and therefore you may find it harder to decide which is best for you.

One thing to consider is the intensity of each of the Body Transformation programs. We have included the workout schedule for each program below, which shows that the Body Transformation Basics course includes 3 workouts per week for most of the course duration, however, the Body Transformation Pro and Body Transformation Elite courses regularly include phases with as many as 6 workouts per week! If that sounds challenging then perhaps we’d advise starting with the Body Transformation Basics course.

Body Transformation Basics program schedule
Body Transformation Basics program schedule
Body Transformation Pro program schedule
Body Transformation Pro program schedule
Body Transformation Elite program schedule
Body Transformation Elite program schedule

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