Rubberbanditz Resistance Bands Review

A must have in the kit bag for those who are regularly training Calisthenics. Great looking bands with a full range of resistances to suit all workout needs.

Resistance bands are the perfect choice to help you get the most out of your Calisthenics workout. The resistance bands can be used as both an assistance and a resistance to your workout, depending on the exercise you’re working on.

Personally I prefer the resistance bands as an assistive aid, particularly when working on progressions for some of the harder Calisthenics techniques such as back levers, front levers, and human flags, but they’re also a great tool for beginners who are struggling with the fundamentals such as pull-ups and dips.

Rubberbanditz resistance bands can be purchased as a combo/variety pack or purchased individually as one of 7 different colours/widths, each representing a different level of resistance.

I got my hands on the Light (5lb – 15lb) and Robust (40lb  80lb) bands which I thought were a great combination for the types of exercises I was interested in. If you have a specific goal in mind such as completing a pull-up or getting your levers horizontal (more advanced) then I’d advise you take a moment and think about the resistance you require before making a purchase; if you’re hopeless at completing a pull-up then you’ll want a band with a resistance of perhaps half your body-weight, whereas if you just need a little extra help with your progressions then maybe choose something around 10% – 20% of your bodyweight.

In terms of look and feel the bands are top quality. They’re very nicely colour coded, they’re easy to pack in your gym bag, and most importantly because of the latex material used they don’t have a cheap feel to them.

What can I do with Rubberbanditz resistance bands?

I loved these bands so much that I challenged myself to put together a list of different Calisthenics exercises you can do with the resistance bands. Check it out for some inspiration!

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