Callisthenics Parks, Gyms, Classes, and Trainers In Manchester

Although the origin of callisthenics can be traced to Ancient Greece, this form of exercise is prevalent today and for good.

For one, callisthenics doesn’t involve using expensive or fancy equipment, as it utilises your body weight to work out a large group of muscles. People of all athletic abilities can perform callisthenics, irrespective of their overall fitness goals.

Moreover, you can engage in callisthenics exercise routines almost anywhere- no matter if you’re indoors or outdoors. All you really need is a set of parallel or dip bars, but that’s not mandatory.

So, we thought it’d be a good idea to quickly walk you through the best facilities in Manchester to get you started on your callisthenics journey. Whether you’re looking for a serene garden or a gym with personal trainers, we have covered it all!

Calisthenics Parks In Manchester

1. Winton Park


Located on Dover Street, Winton Park is among the popular destinations among fitness enthusiasts, thanks to its outdoor gym facility. It has a callisthenics bar setup, where you can perform various exercises like dip, chin-ups, pull-ups, etc. 

The park underwent a major transformation recently with the installation of public toilets and improvements in the children’s play area, among other things. Hence, the space has been made more accessible for callisthenic enthusiasts, especially for people with children.

2. Victoria Park Stretford


Victoria Park (named after Victoria Road on Stretford) is a public park spread across 7 hectares, open from dusk to dawn. Although it’s mostly frequented for the bowling green facility and rose garden, its callisthenics area is another feature to check out.

You will find quite an elaborate setup comprising a dip station, pull-up bars and even monkey bars to facilitate the fundamental calisthenic workouts. While the pull-up bars are installed on 3 levels, the monkey bars are scattered all over the place. So, feel free to choose a spot with the best view!

3. Chorlton Park


Chorlton Park is managed by the Manchester City Council, and it has a dedicated fitness trail equipped with callisthenics equipment, namely parallel bars, monkey bars and pull-up bars. And being a public park, it’s accessible to anyone free of charge during the opening hours.

Spread across over 50 acres, it also has a lake and woodland area to satiate the nature lover in you, especially after long hours of callisthenics training. 

4. Birchfields Park


If you happen to be on Birchfields road on Longsight in Manchester looking for a callisthenics facility, we’d suggest visiting Birchfields Park. Aside from a multi-sport area designed for basketball and skating, it has a ‘humble’ setup for callisthenics training, marked by a set of monkey bars.

As such, you may consider it as a ‘beginner’s paradise,’ in the open, surrounded by the scenic views of Manchester. And if you’re a pro in callisthenics movements, the monkey bars will provide the right support for your training.

Callisthenics Gyms, Classes And Trainers

Aside from the outdoor gyms mentioned above, Manchester is home to quite a few indoor gyms facilitating callisthenics training. The ones we’ve listed here today offer both callisthenics classes and personal trainers to aid your fitness journey.

1. Manchester Callisthenics

Although callisthenics don’t require a lot of equipment, you’ll surely find what you need in Manchester Callisthenics. And if you’re looking for that extra push, you may want to consider the classes and personal training options.

As such, this facility conducts group callisthenics classes for people of all levels of expertise, guided by expert callisthenics coaches. From freestyling to headstands and more, there’s nothing you will miss out on once you enrol for their classes. 

Whether you want to lose body fat, build muscle strength, or improve your overall fitness, you can rest assured about receiving professional training. Not only that, but you can also opt for online classes to benefit from the workouts sitting practically anywhere!

But if you aren’t looking for group classes, you can also choose between the training plans (called 1-2-1 plans, lasting for 4 and 10 sessions) according to your budget and convenience. Manchester callisthenics also hosts workshops and free meetups to help you learn more about this form of strength training.


The callisthenics facility at the Block Studios in Manchester can help you build upper body core strength with state-of-the-art equipment in modern studio setups. Much like Manchester Callisthenics, the classes here are structured for everyone, from beginners to the absolute pros, ensuring optimum progression for all.

Block has subscription plans for physical and digital classes, with the former offering live or on-demand classes, allowing you to train from the comfort of your home. Additionally, you can check for slot availability on Block’s official website or via a mobile app and book sessions at your convenience.

What Are Some Basic Callisthenics Exercises You Can Perform?

Before wrapping up, here’s a bonus section to help you perform some beginner’s callisthenics workouts:

1. Pull-ups

Stand facing a pull-up bar and grab it from the top with your hands placed slightly wider than shoulder width. Now, use your shoulder muscles to pull your body to bring your head above the bar. 

2. Chin-ups

For performing chin-ups, grab the bar from underneath with your hands placed closer than your shoulder width. Using your biceps, pull up your body so that your chin crosses the bar.

3. Dips

Stand between the dip bars, grabbing them from the top and your legs bent from the knees with your feet together. Bend your elbows to push your body up and down while maintaining the same leg position. This will engage your shoulder and tricep muscles.

Final Words

That’s it from us today!

But before you proceed to check out any of the spots mentioned above, we’d suggest contacting the concerned officials, especially in the case of public parks. This way, you will get the right idea about the operating hours and special regulations, if any.

And always ensure you abide by the regulations of the area to ensure a hassle-free training experience. 

We will see you next time. Till then, stay fit!

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