Callisthenics Wrist Wraps

Do your hands often feel sore after callisthenics workout sessions? Then it is time for you to get a pair of callisthenics wrist wraps.

When worn, these wraps can provide more support to your wrist area, which will ultimately help you to perform these exercises without a hitch. In fact, the added support will enable you to perform even more exercises than usual.

Of course, there are other benefits to these wraps, such as better muscle recovery time, improved joint stability and many more. But the question that comes up now is – which wrist wrap should you get for your callisthenics routines?

Well, that’s what this guide is all about, for it has reviewed some of the best wraps available today. So, if you want to maximise the efficiency of your callisthenics workouts, then read on!

Five Best Callisthenics Wrist Wraps Reviews

1. Gravity Fitness Gymnast Grips


Gravity Fitness is a renowned fitness brand in the UK, and the Gymnast Grips is one of its most popular products. On that note, you need not worry about the name, for it can be used for callisthenics workouts as well. These grips have a carbon fibre and leather finish, due to which they offer a good grip without sacrificing comfort.

As for the design, you’ll notice that each grip has holes for three fingers, which is the standard for most callisthenics grips. There are velcro straps at the base of both hand grips, which makes them easy to wear and adjust. The leather surface is soft, and it is present on the inner side, which ensures that you don’t get any calluses or sores while working out.


Compared to other wrist wraps, this product is more expensive to purchase.


Overall, this wrist wrap is pretty durable, thanks to the materials used and its double-stitched build. Additionally, there is no break-in period, which means that you can make full use of this wrap right from the start.

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2. Pullup & Dip Calisthenics Wrist Wraps


The Pullup & Dip Calisthenics Wrist Wraps have a design that resembles a bandage. Because of that, it provides good comfort and protects your wrist against painful injuries and strain. On top of that, the wraps provide extra stability and control over your hand movements. To put it on, all you need to do is wrap it carefully around your wrist and secure it with the fastening tape at the end.

This wrist wrap is made from polyester, which offers good durability even after extensive usage. Moreover, the silicone imprint used on the straps enhances grip when performing callisthenics workouts. For the convenience of customers, this product comes packaged with a small tube of liquid chalk. You can use this chalk to reduce sweat and improve your palm’s grip when performing exercises like pull-ups.


Since it does not have Velcro straps, putting it on and adjusting it can be a bit time-consuming.


The Pullup & Dip Calisthenics Wrist Wraps are highly versatile, meaning that they can be used for other types of workouts and sports besides callisthenics. Aside from that, its size can fit most hands, regardless of gender or age.

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3. Pullup & Dip Wrist Wraps


Here is another product from Pullup & Dip, and it is one of the best options that you can get for your callisthenics and weight training routines. The Pullup & Dip Wrist Wraps have a simplistic design that helps to relieve pressure from your wrists and minimise strain. It is made from breathable nylon elastane material that keeps your wrists sweat-free and improves comfort.

In addition, such materials make this pair of wrist wraps comparatively more lightweight and durable than other options. For the wearer’s convenience, there are ergonomic thumb loops on each wrist, along with left-right markings. Apart from that, the Velcro straps make them easy to wear and adjust. The straps also have a thin profile, and they keep your wrists warm during exercise, which ultimately reduces the risk of injuries.

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These wrist wraps are not machine washable, which can be an inconvenience for some users.


The overall design of these wrist wraps makes them a durable and versatile choice for most types of workouts. On top of that, the materials used make it quite comfortable to wear, and there are no chemical odours to worry about either.

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4. Bear Grip Open Workout Gloves


Bear Grip is arguably one of the top fitness brands in the UK, thanks to its focus on quality and affordability. And the Open Workout Gloves is a good example of this aspect since it has a heavy-duty build that is suitable for most physical activities, including callisthenics. It features a minimalist and lightweight design and has good ventilation that helps to eliminate sweaty palms.

The palm area is padded with silicone, which makes for a comfortable but firm grip. As such, you won’t have to worry about any calluses and sores while performing your callisthenics routines. Also, the Velcro closure straps at the base improve support and make them easy to wear and adjust. 


There is a break-in period, which means that the wrist wraps may feel a bit stiff initially.


Because of the premium quality, and odour-free materials used to make this product, you can rest assured that it will last for a long time. However, in case of any issues, one can return it and claim a full refund, which makes it convenient for the customer.

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5. Gymreapers Wrist Wraps


The Gymreapers Wrist Wraps is a heavy-duty, competition-grade option that can be used by professional callisthenics trainers and athletes. Each strap has a length of 18 inches and features a durable and convenient thumb loop to improve grip and stability. Besides, the elastic material can be easily adjusted according to your needs.

What’s more, the Velcro tapes at the base make them easy to wear and adjust. It does not compromise on comfort either, as it is made from premium quality cotton materials to ensure a soft, smooth and sweat-free experience. And since you can adjust the tightness of each strap seamlessly, you can ensure that it doesn’t strain your palms while performing callisthenics workouts.


This particular option comes with an extremely high price tag.


Overall, these wrist wraps are highly versatile, which means that you can use them for other activities apart from callisthenics, such as weight lifting and strength training. Aside from that, there are different colour choices available, which offer a fair bit of personalisation to the user.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Best Material For Callisthenics Wrist Wraps?

Different types of materials are used for making wrist wraps, such as cotton, leather, polyester and so on. However, not all of them are suitable enough for callisthenics workouts since these exercises require a high degree of flexibility and stability. 

That is why some of the most popular wrist wraps use high-quality materials like cotton and silicone. Such materials offer decent grip strength without sacrificing freedom of movement in the wrist area.

2. Is Comfort An Important Factor To Consider When Buying Wrist Wraps?

Yes, comfort is definitely important for callisthenics wrist wraps. The wrist joint is quite sensitive and is vulnerable to injuries and sores. Besides, if you are suffering from wrist pain, you won’t be able to perform any callisthenics exercises. 

Thus, in order to prevent any wrist injury, you need to make sure that your wraps are light and comfortable enough. Check that the option you are getting has sufficient padding and offers good wrist support when doing push-ups, pull-ups, dips or other exercises related to callisthenics.

3. What Size Wrist Wraps Should You Get For Callisthenics?

When it comes to callisthenics wrist wraps, you cannot follow a “one size fits all” principle. The hand measurements are unique for each individual, which means that the best size for you might not be suitable enough for another person.

Therefore, you need to take the measurements of your wrists and purchase a suitable wrist wrap accordingly. It should not feel too loose, as that can reduce the overall support and stability of the wraps. Conversely, it shouldn’t feel too tight either, as that can constrict your blood vessels and increase the risk of injuries.


That brings us to the end of this guide about the best wrist wraps for callisthenics. We hope that the information here has helped you to come to a decision.

Before we wrap up, we’d like to mention our top picks from the list. The Gravity Fitness Gymnast Grips are our personal favourite since these wraps provide well-rounded support and comfort for callisthenics.

However, if you would like a more affordable product, then we recommend buying the Pullup & Dip Calisthenics Wrist Wraps, which is our second favourite option. Its silicone straps and Velcro tapes ensure a perfect fit on your wrist and provide more stability and support for executing a wide range of callisthenics moves.

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