Pullup & Dip Parallettes Review

Originating from Germany, PULLUP & DIP are pushing hard into the European market with their growing range of calisthenics equipment, with their parallettes being one of the most popular items sold by the brand.

The parallettes are available in two different sizes; ‘Low’ and ‘Medium’, with the medium parallettes sitting at 30cm high and the low parallettes sitting at 10cm high.

The parallettes I got my hands on for this review are the medium parallettes which can be seen in the photo above.

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PULLUP & DIP Medium Parallettes Reviewed


Compared to some of the other parallettes I have been sent to review, it was refreshing to open the box and find the parallettes already assembled. Who needs tools after all!?

The only other thing you will find in the box is some bubble wrap used to protect the parallettes during transit, but for those of you trying to dig deeper into the box to look for a printed exercise guide, you can instead download a free eBook which includes 37 different exercises for you to try on the parallettes.

Overall, fast delivery and great communication throughout from PULLUP & DIP.

Design and Quality

The parallettes are creatively designed as a hybrid, mixing natural beech wood handles with a steel base to create a product which is both beautifully designed and ticks all the right boxes functionally.

Unlike parallettes that are made out of 100% wood, the steel base sits well without rocking and gives you that added assurance that the parallettes will take your weight without any issues.

The handles are designed to be a little thicker than the standard steel handles used by other brands, giving an ergonomic grip that is safe on the wrist and doesn’t slip when your hands get sweaty.

The image below should help describe the shape a little better…

PULLUP AND DIP Parallettes Close Grip

One interesting thing I found when testing out the parallettes was that I was struggling to hold handstands for as long as I usually would. I initially thought I was just having a bad day, but I was finding it slightly easier when using a different pair of parallettes.

The issue I think I encountered here was that the grips on the PULLUP & DIP parallettes were thicker than the other parallettes I was using, and because my (small!) hands weren’t able to wrap all the way around, I was finding it harder to use my grip to correct my balance.

This isn’t entirely a downside of the parallettes though as the larger handles give the parallettes a more comfortable feel when performing other exercises, such as dips and l-sit holds.

In terms of the dimensions, all versions of the parallettes are 50cm long, though you have the choice of a 30cm or 10cm handle height, depending on your preference.

A little tip for those unsure what suits them: The height of the medium parallettes allows you to use them for numerous exercises, such as L-sits, push-ups, handstands, deep push-ups, sitting dips and planche, whereas I would only imagine the low parallettes can be used for the more advanced gymnastic skills such as handstands, planche, and maybe L-site if you can hold yourself in the correct form.

One final thing to note is that PULLUP & DIP offer a 5-year warranty on the product.


The medium version of the parallettes are priced at just under £115, but if you’re looking to save some cash then you can buy the low version at just under £90.

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But how does this price compare to other parallettes reviewed?

If you’re looking for a pair of parallettes which use natural wood, then the PULLUP & DIP parallettes are equally priced to others containing natural wood, such as those by Skillworx.

At the cheaper end of the scale, you have parallettes which are made of 100% steel, though the cheaper materials are reflected in the selling price with parallettes such as the Gravity Fitness Pro Parallettes available for under £50.

The choice is down to you – if you’re willing to spend the extra money for the natural wood finish, then these parallettes certainly compete with others on the market.


PULL UP AND DIP Parallettes - Handstand

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