Gymcor Commercial Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Review

The Gymcor pull up bar does what it says on the tin. A commercial standard, solid bar which won’t break the bank at less than £60.

The Gymcor Commercial Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar is a solid piece of kit if you want to work on your pull-ups and muscle-ups at home, and can be purchased via Amazon for less than £60.

The pull-up bar can withstand up to 200kg of weight, so as long as you install it correctly then you can be confident that you won’t feel any movement in it which you may find with a flimsy, cheaper standard bar.

In terms of appearance the powder coated finish gives the bar a very high quality look, however similar to other bars with this type of finish you may find it starts to feel a little slippery once your hands begin to get sweaty. For that reason if you don’t own one already then you may want to grab yourself a chalk ball whilst you’re at it (a chalk ball certainly comes in handy with other equipment too!).

The bar is 1.2m wide and sits 47cm away from the wall so you may want to think about what you plan to use the bar for before you decide if it’s the right piece of equipment for you.

If you’re working on exercises such as muscle ups or wide-grip pull ups then the bar is a great choice, however if you’re looking to do something a bit more explosive or acrobatic over the top of the bar then it certainly won’t be appropriate. Saying that any wall mounted pull up bar likely wouldn’t stand up to that!

In terms of installation the bar needs to be fixed to a solid wall with brickwork or concrete being pretty much your only choices here. With that in mind the powdered finish makes the bar rust-free, so if you’re struggling for indoor space and need to install the bar outside then that won’t be a problem.

Just remember – take the time to install the heavy duty bolts correctly and grab yourself a second pair of hands to help out since the bar is quite heavy.

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