The Bar Brothers Workout: ‘The System’ 12 Week Calisthenics Program

There are a variety of benefits to opting for an online program over something created by a personal trainer in your local gym.

Today, we’re going to tell you about our recommended online calisthenics training program and how you can get it, before looking over just some of the benefits an online program can offer.

Calisthenics 101’s Recommended Workout Program: The Bar Brothers System

Our recommendation is the Bar Brothers System, a 12-week online program that has everything you need to get started online today.

Link to purchase the Bar Brothers System here. Note that you will need to watch the video before the ‘Add to cart’ link appears!

The Bar Brothers system was created by Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic (see the image below), two bodyweight enthusiasts who became close friends over their passion for calisthenics workouts.

After pushing each other to get the most out of their workouts, they created the Bar Brothers movement to help people from all over the world find the motivation and help to progress with their own calisthenics journey.

Left - Dusan Djolevic / Right - Lazar Novovic

Left – Dusan Djolevic / Right – Lazar Novovic​

What Do You Get With The Bar Brothers System?

Once you get the program, you will be given a login to the Bar Brothers System – an online area where you can watch the videos and download the resources needed to complete the program. You also get access to the exclusive Facebook community to discuss your progress and questions with other members of the Bar Brothers community.

Below: The “Bar Brothers System” landing page showing all of the different modules throughout the course.

The Bar Brothers System Landing Page

The course itself is presented in 3x four-week phases which are scheduled over a 12-week period. There are a total of 140 explanatory videos and a supporting PDF for each weeks workout. Each day a video supports the day’s workout and demonstrates any new exercises which you are introduced to that day.

During the first week, you will be given a self-assessment task to asses and set your starting point. At the end of the 12th week, you are then tasked with a final self-assessment to see how far you have progressed from day 1.

Below: An insight into Week 7, showing the different videos available with a workout for each day.
Bar Brothers System - Week 7 Videos
Both Lazar and Dusan are incredibly passionate and motivational throughout the program, and offer plenty of advice on nutrition and technique throughout.

How Much Does The Bar Brothers 12 Week System Cost?

The system can be purchased online for a one-time price of £47 (approx $60) via the Clickbank download service. It’s important to note that the link below takes you to the Bar Brothers landing page where you have to watch the video before the ‘Add to cart’ button appears. Once you’ve completed checkout you will receive a lifetime login to the Bar Brothers online area.

Buy the Bar Brothers System here

Why Pay For An Online Calisthenics Program Vs Personal Training?

Let’s dig into the 4 key areas; cost, convenience, variety & specificity, and support & community.


First up we have the cost. Online programs tend to be the same if not cheaper than a program designed in person. This is because the program has already been created and therefore, doesn’t require any timed hours to complete. Personal trainers will also usually try to bundle in their other services as well which can ramp up the cost even further.


Secondly, we have convenience. The internet is everywhere and readily available as and when you want it. Whether you want to check on your laptop, phone, or tablet, you can easily see what you have scheduled or what you’ve already done. Most people carry their phone with them everywhere whereas trying to remember to bring your sheet of paper or notebook with you each time you go to the gym can be tricky.

Not to mention, most online programs come in a booklet with other information which can be helpful and easily accessible during your session.

Variety & Specificity

When it comes to picking the right program, the last thing you want to do is be stuck with a single option. The internet is a big, big place that offers a wide range of options to suit broad goals such as losing fat or building muscle and specific goals like hitting a certain strength target on an individual lift. More options mean that you can make a more informed choice.

As well as this, you’ll also get more options about where the program comes from. Whilst your local personal trainer might seem good, there are loads of trainers on the internet with a high level of qualifications which makes them better suited to help you. Online trainers have to be more transparent due to the instant access their customers have to reviews and information, making you more likely to make the best choice.

Support & Community

Lastly, because online programs will have more users, you’ll also have access to a large support network. If you don’t understand something or need help in a certain area, not only can you just fire a message to the creator of the program, you can also look at FAQs and forums to find the help you need. This community feel also helps you to stay motivated as you feel part of something bigger opposed to just an individual on your own journey.

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