Calisthenics Glossary / Terminology  

Man performing a one-arm back lever

Use our calisthenics glossary to find out the meaning of the many terms and acronyms used by athletes in the calisthenics community.

How To Grip A Pull-Up Bar and Avoid Callouses

Demonstration of correct bar grip (open hand)

If you’re suffering from callouses or blisters on the palm of your hands then it is a strong indicator that you’re gripping the pull-up bar incorrectly.

How to Start With Weighted Pull Ups

A weighted pull-up wearing a Gravity Fitness weighted vest

Finding regular pull-ups too easy? Find out how to start with weighted pull-ups and increase your pull-up strength, in this post.

Bodyweight Alternatives to Deadlifts

Deadlift exercise (stock image)

The deadlift is one of the most complete exercises in weightlifting. Finding a calisthenics replacement is no easy task, but we think we got pretty close.

Hanging Windshield Wipers Exercise

Calisthenics Hanging Windshield Wiper Exercise - Wipe Right

Hanging windshield wipers are the ultimate exercise for powerful obliques and abs. Read our technique guide to learn how to do them yourself.