Calisthenics Certifications – All You Need To Know

Getting certified in callisthenics will give you the knowledge and add credibility to your experience and techniques, helping you become a personal trainer.

Pursuing callisthenics certifications can also help you build a network of fellow trainers and experts in the fitness industry who can share information and potential clients. However, if you don’t want to be a personal trainer, you can utilise these certifications to be a writer, course director, or fitness consultant specialising in callisthenics.

Moreover, certification courses in advanced bodyweight exercises don’t necessarily require a lot of money and time. If you invest a few hundred dollars and a few weeks, you’ll be able to take your skill in bodyweight strength training to a new level.

So, let’s look at some of the best callisthenics certification courses based on curriculum, core exercises, the requirement of expensive equipment, and employability.

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Callisthenics Certifications: All You Need to Know

These callisthenics courses aim to provide credibility to their candidates’ expertise and professional capacity, thus, improving their market value and hiring rate. Let’s take a look at some of the best certifications available right now.

Online Callisthenics Trainer Certification

Online programs are the most time-efficient and money-saving way to get callisthenics certification. Here are some online courses that offer certification:

1. WSWCF Online Calisthenics Certification 

This certification in bodyweight exercise and training is one of the most recognised in the world since it is conducted by the World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation (WSWCF). 

Moreover, this program includes three levels, where each level is delivered with a combination of basic exercises and tips on diet, anatomy, hygiene and marketing tactics. When this program is completed, WSWCF will put you on their list of certified personal trainers, increasing your chances of getting hired by individuals or bodyweight training centres. 

Many fitness experts and street workout professionals have achieved their body goals through this strength and bodyweight training exercise, as taught by WSWCF. Those who have completed the calisthenics certification from the federation have been renowned in bodyweight training. And finally, this program holds more prestige than other certifications since it is run by the only existing federation for callisthenics.

  • Comprehensive and all-inclusive: contains detailed information on different aspects of bodyweight training, including strength training, exercises, diet, and even marketing.
  • Completely online
  • Curriculum designed by renowned callisthenics professionals 
  •   Relatively expensive


You might be a little sceptical after seeing such a generic name, but Calisthenics Certifications is quite legit.

Most of their certifications and workshops are offline and in-person, except for their Calisthenics Fundamentals certification, which is totally online. They also offer additional credits and supplementary certifications if you’re consistent with the bodyweight training and core strength-building program. Moreover, this program is in collaboration with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REP), which will give your certificate legitimation and a comparable standard. 

This program focuses on five main exercises that help get the benefits of calisthenics straight away. They are muscle-ups, floor levers (including front and back levers), the human flag, and the planche, which are integral to callisthenics and bodyweight training.

When you complete this program, you will be equipped with the right workouts and knowledge regarding bodyweight exercises to develop balance, muscles, and mental tenacity. 

  • Fully online
  • Affordable
  • Well-coveted in the fitness industry
  • Even though the program is called ‘Calisthenics Fundamentals,’ they could have explained the basics in more detail.
  • Limited seats

International Calisthenics Certifications

These in-person certification programs give the trainees sufficient exposure to the global fitness community and help them create meaningful networks to expand their professional market. Let’s take a look at these global certifications:

1. NCAA / The American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer Certification

Even though this program is not wholly focused on callisthenics, it is the most renowned certification on the list. Plus, it will give you sufficient working knowledge regarding bodyweight training, so you can become a callisthenics trainer with this program.

This is a complete and comprehensive certification program, which includes the following components:

  • ACE and optional NCAA exams, which have thousands of exam centres throughout 110 countries, so you’ll have no difficulty in booking a seat.
  • Video coaching lessons and lectures
  • Audio coaching sessions
  • Two practice exams
  • Informative quizzes
  • The Professional’s Guide to Health and Wellness Coaching (Book)
  • The Professional’s Guide to Health and Wellness Coaching Study (Companion Book)
  • This certification is recognised by most fitness companies and gyms
  • Good for increasing your chances of getting hired. 
  • Relatively affordable program
  • Not callisthenics focused

Callisthenics Certification In The US

Since the US has a big market for callisthenics, there are several certification options based in the country. Some of the most renowned are:

1. Progressive Calisthenics Certification

This program is the brainchild of the two Kavadlo brothers, who are seminary figures in the fitness world. These two instructors have developed this intensive certification program based on the Convict Conditioning books, so the contents of the program are fact-checked.

Moreover, the course consists of 11 modules that each focus on a particular bodyweight exercise to help you attain mastery. These exercises include pull-ups, push-ups, the human flag, hanging moves, squats, handstands, floor hold, muscle-ups, the bridge, and floor levers (front lever and back lever). Therefore, it is an ideal program for athletes and fitness enthusiasts with a working knowledge of non-calisthenic areas, such as anatomy, diet, rest, injury management, etc.

You’ll need to pass the final examination called ‘the century’ to get your certification. This exam requires the candidates to perform pull-ups, push-ups, knee raises, squats, etc., to test their knowledge and techniques for bodyweight exercise. We find that the exam is not very difficult since they don’t test theoretical knowledge or skills when testing your qualification.

Thus, this certification is better suited to people looking forward to gaining more knowledge regarding callisthenics and strength training than those who want to be trainers. Lastly, the Progressive Callisthenics Certification is available across various locations and dates, so you can schedule the problem based on your preference.

  • This program is based on the Convict Conditioning series by Paul Wade, which focuses on a coveted methodology regarding callisthenics
  • Conducted by reputable fitness athletes
  • It has multiple locations and dates
  • Expensive
  • It solely focuses on bodyweight training and does not include key components like dieting, anatomy, marketing, etc.

2. Anti-Gravity Callisthenics Certification

If you’re looking for a more affordable program that’s equally intensive and provides sufficient knowledge, you should check this out. This U.S.-based company offers two levels of certification courses. The first level consists of six modules: the handstand series, push-up and pull-up series, squats, the bridge, knee/one-leg raises, and the muscle-up.

The second level, on the other hand, gives the candidates more in-depth training on how to track workouts and progress beyond basic exercises.

  • Affordable
  • Two-level certification program
  • Intensive
  • Not as popular

Callisthenics Certification in the UK

1. CallisthenicsUK Certification

Callisthenics UK is the most coveted organisation in the UK, and its certification course complies with REPs, so it’ll help you significantly advance in your career.

They offer two different certification courses. Their first course is ideal for people who consider callisthenics their hobby rather than a professional career. Its course spans half a day, and it sufficiently covers the basics of callisthenics movement and bodyweight training while encouraging you to develop your own workouts.

It will also give gym enthusiasts and street workout practitioners a solid understanding of bodyweight training while helping them strike the perfect balance between muscle building and sport. 

The second course is much more intensive and will give your techniques enough credibility so that you can serve as a callisthenics trainer. Overall, it is the most legit certification you can get in the UK. It is taught by renowned professionals, and since it is REP certified, it’ll help speed up the hiring process.

  • The most renowned callisthenics certification program in the UK
  • REP compliant and taught by renowned professionals in the field.
  • Two levels of certification courses are available
  • Expensive

Final Thoughts

The fitness world has slowly and steadily created a massive market for callisthenics and bodyweight training, consequently increasing the demand for personal trainers. And since callisthenics requires close monitoring and a proper understanding of the fundamentals, professional training is much needed. 

But how do people with a strong passion for bodyweight training gain credibility when it’s still not as recognised as other fitness movements, such as martial arts? Well, some callisthenics federations, athletic clubs, and professionals have developed various certification programs. 

We’ve mentioned some of the most trustworthy callisthenics certifications from all over the world to help you make an informed decision regarding your profession or hobby.

With that, we’ve come to the end of our detailed guide on the top callisthenics certifications and their relevant details. Keep an eye on our website for more scoops and information regarding the ever-growing fitness world.

See you next time!

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