Best Core Workout App

If you’re on a quest to lose belly fat, sculpt six-pack abs, or simply improve your core strength, our top abs workout apps have got you covered. 

With personalised workout routines, daily ab workouts, and core-focused exercises, you can work towards your fitness goals right from the comfort of your home. The best ab workout apps can act as your virtual personal trainer, offering a variety of ab workout plans and cardio routines to help you burn calories and build abdominal muscles step by step. 

Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, there’s an app for you with video tutorials, workout reminders, and on-screen instructions to ensure you stay on track.

Don’t worry about your fitness level; these apps cater to beginners and pros alike. Plus, many offer free versions, so you can get started without breaking the bank or relying on a gym membership. 

Say goodbye to that stubborn belly fat, and hello to a toned, flat stomach!

7 Best Core/Abs Workout Apps

1. The Movement Athlete

Get ready for the most personalised and the best ab workout app out there. It’s not designed for beginners or intermediates; it’s all about tailoring your fitness experience to you specifically.

Customise your ab workout through a complimentary assessment process. Once your profile is created, you’ll have a personal trainer right on your phone guiding you towards rock-hard abs.

Should the app not meet your preferences, you have the option to access the Movement Athlete web browser for your ab workouts. This flexibility increases your chances of success. Moreover, the app offers a gamified experience, making abs workouts enjoyable.

As such, the ab workouts can be entertaining, encouraging you to level up and achieve milestones along the way.


  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers
  • Offers consistent progress tracking
  • Provides a gamified experience for enjoyable ab workouts
  • Focuses on callisthenics principles


  • Offers only a seven-day free trial

2. FitOn

This ab workout app boasts an impressive array of video content, offering a vast selection of routines, including cardio, HIIT, toning, yoga, strength, and more. You can tailor your choice to align with your specific fitness goals.

Notably, celebrity trainers lead these video workouts, providing expert guidance. Alongside the physical exercises, the app includes meditation sessions designed to enhance focus and mental well-being.

What’s particularly convenient is that you can access your daily ab workout and find mental relief all in one place. While this app offers a wide variety of workouts, some users may find it less personalised compared to other options.


  • Free version available
  • Celebrity trainers demonstrate different exercises on the app
  • An expansive library of video workouts
  • Multiple categories to choose from


  • May not be as tailored to individual preferences as some alternatives

3. Adidas Runtastic

Don’t let the title deceive you; this Adidas app isn’t solely for runners. It’s a comprehensive fitness app aimed at improving your overall health and shedding unwanted belly fat through a diverse range of exercises.

This workout app goes beyond running, focusing on enhancing core strength while engaging various muscle groups. Utilising timers and week-by-week tracking features, it ensures your success on your fitness journey.

Overall, Adidas has crafted an inclusive fitness solution that caters to everyone, irrespective of their fitness goals, making it a valuable addition to your exercise routine.


  • Developed by a renowned name in the fitness industry
  • Suitable for users of all fitness levels
  • Facilitates strength-building
  • Offers comprehensive tracking features to monitor your progress


  • Some users might find the paid plans too costly
  • Limited access to features without a paid subscription

4. Daily Ab Workout – Abs Trainer

Daily Ab Workout is an outstanding addition to the world of abs workout apps, offering a quick and efficient daily ab routine for both men and women. With exercise sessions lasting just 5 to 10 minutes, it’s perfect for those looking to strengthen their core and achieve well-toned abs in the comfort of their own home.

Developed by a certified personal trainer, this free app provides clear video demonstrations of each exercise, ensuring you’re performing them with proper form. The on-screen instructions and timer make it easy to follow along, making it suitable for users of all fitness levels.

One standout feature is the app’s offline functionality, allowing you to complete your workouts without an internet connection. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with the Health app, syncing your workout and calorie burn data.

If you’re on a mission to achieve those coveted six-pack abs, Daily Ab Workout is a fantastic choice. Its simplicity, effectiveness, and convenience make it a valuable addition to your fitness routine.


  • Quick and effective 5 to 10-minute daily ab routines
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Certified personal trainer-developed exercises
  • Video demonstrations and on-screen instructions ensure proper form


  • Limited variety in workout durations, primarily focused on short routines

5. Nike Fitness Club

To begin, our admiration for Nike runs deep. The Nike Training Club app caters to both seasoned athletes aiming for higher peaks and newcomers commencing their fitness expedition.

With a wide spectrum of high and low-intensity workouts, this app accommodates users of varying fitness levels. The best part is that it offers a free entry point for beginners. If you’re ready to up the ante, opt for the paid version, granting access to premium features and the guidance of Nike’s personal trainers.

Overall, this abs workout app stands as an ideal choice for home, gym, or on-the-go workouts, encompassing everything from bodyweight-only to fully-equipped routines, catering to fitness enthusiasts at all levels of expertise.


  • Suitable for experienced athletes
  • An acclaimed, award-winning app
  • Programs led by Nike Master Trainers
  • Tailored workouts to seamlessly fit your schedule


  • The free plan comes with limitations

6. 7 Minute Workout

The 7 Minute Workout App offers a swift, straightforward, and science-backed approach to fitness – anytime, anywhere.

Within the Workout Library, you’ll find 22 pre-set workouts, each varying in intensity and duration. These workouts are tailored to suit your schedule, spanning from quick 7-minute sessions to more extensive 32-minute routines. With a selection of 72 exercises and 22 workouts, you can customise over 1,000 variations, from beginner-friendly to challenging.

Developed by Johnson & Johnson, this abs workout app is perfect for those with busy lifestyles, bringing your personal trainer right to your fingertips. Video demonstrations provide step-by-step guidance for your daily ab workouts, complete with a timer to help you stay on track. The app’s customisability allows you to craft a workout plan tailored to your unique needs, all while enjoying your favourite tunes to keep you motivated.


  • Quick 7-minute workout sessions
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices
  • User-friendly core workouts
  • Boasts over 3 million downloads and growing


  • May be considered too basic for some users
  • A 7-minute workout may not yield the results some users expect


Ready to take charge of your fitness journey? Achieve your daily ab workout goals effortlessly with the JEFIT program, a comprehensive platform for tracking progress and managing your fitness routine.

But that’s not all – this app boasts an extensive repertoire of over 1400 exercises complete with detailed instructions. It offers expertly crafted workout plans and accommodates custom exercises, making it a versatile fitness planning tool.

The best part? You can conveniently monitor your progress on your smartphone or computer. Plus, there’s the option of a smartphone watch app to ensure you never miss a beat in tracking your fitness journey.


  • A holistic fitness tracking platform
  • Effective workout management
  • Easily adaptable to your schedule
  • Compatible with all major smartphone brands


  • Limited exercise options within the app
  • Additional workout plans may come at an extra cost

Is It Possible To Get A Six Pack In 30 Days?

The speed at which you achieve rock hard six-pack abs depends on a multitude of factors.

For example, if someone already possesses a lean physique, they may begin to observe some definition in their six-pack abs after 30 days of rigorous training. However, the timeline is always contingent on your initial weight and body composition prior to embarking on a new fitness regimen.

Genetics play a substantial role in individual muscle definition, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t see chiselled ab muscles within a month. What you will likely notice is a reduction in body fat replaced by enhanced muscle tone.

Do Ab Workout Apps And Fitness Apps Work?

Whether an abs workout app proves effective or not hinges on both your commitment and the app itself.

Success in achieving a flat stomach lies ahead if you’re dedicated and willing to put in the effort. Nonetheless, not all apps are equally helpful, and some may fall short of delivering the desired results.

To maximise your chances of success, it’s crucial to select an app that’s maintained by certified fitness professionals who are experts in their field. Remember, effective core-focused workouts encompass more than just lying down and doing basic crunches. Look for an app that allows you to tailor your ab workout to your specific goals and needs.


In your quest for fitness, choosing the best core workout app can be a game-changer. The top contenders among the best abs workout apps not only help you burn belly fat but also offer personalized workout routines, all within the convenience of a home workout. 

Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, these apps cater to all, allowing you to efficiently manage your weight, gain muscle, and sculpt those coveted rock-hard abs in just a few minutes a day. With comprehensive core and cardio workouts, calorie tracking, and aerobic exercises, they empower you to achieve your abs workout goals, making them an invaluable addition to your fitness regimen. 

So, if you’re aiming to tone your abs and lose weight, look no further than these top-notch fitness apps.

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