What is the Best Dip Bar for Calisthenics?

Dip bars typically come in pairs. They’re used to perform many different movements within Calisthenics. Being compact, it’s easy to position them for use at home and then store away again.

Unlike Parallettes which we’ve previously reviewed the best Parallettes here, dip bars are built considerably taller to allow you to perform dips and various other exercise movements. As such, they’re excellent fitness equipment to be used alone or in combination with gymnastic rings or something else.

You may have seen the terms dip bars and parallettes used interchangeably online. However, this is incorrect. They are completely different products – the latter is shorter in stature and offers a more restrictive range of exercises.

In this guide, I review the best five products for performing dips. I also confirm our recommended dip bars for Calisthenics and provide answers to questions around this topic too.

Overview of the Best Dip Bars

The list below provides an overview of several dip bars we’ve reviewed, ranked from best to worst. Click on any product title to confirm its current price.

  1. Lebert Fitness Equalizer
  2. Gravity Fitness XL Parallettes
  3. Gravity Fitness M Pro Hybrid Parallettes
  4. Amazon Basics Dip Bar
  5. Yaheetech Dipping Station

The Best Dip Bars for Calisthenics Available in the UK

To make life easier, the dip bars are listed below in the recommended order.

#1 Lebert Fitness Equalizer (Top Pick)

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Beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises on Lebert Equalizer bars

The Lebert Fitness Equalizer dubbed “the total body strengthener” may have undersold the product. Using a dependable dip bar has the potential not just to strengthen your muscles, but also to activate your core through a range of movements and burn fat at the same time.

Currently, this product is a standout. It arrives in the distinctive yellow design that avoids it going unnoticed in the home gym. The design isn’t subtle but does have useful black accents for the feet and comfy grips at the top for good measure. Indeed, the foam grips ensure you don’t get fatigued during a workout session.

Moving the dip bars around isn’t difficult either. They weight around 8 lbs apiece. Lighter isn’t better here as you need them to be sturdy during use. Their weight and design support 400 lbs which means even an obese man or woman can make use of them (not true of all exercise equipment which can be quite restrictive in this regard).

The Lebert brand has been heavily backed by Frank Medrano, a prominent Calisthenics athlete known for building insane strength on a Vegan diet. The product comes with a DVD providing a workout plan. This will be useful for people who are using dip bars for the first time or have only used them in the gym with a trainer nearby offering instruction.

Also, there’s an XL version which is taller. This version is more suited to people who are 6 foot 1 inches or taller.

Calisthenics 101 Top Pick

From the dip bars reviewed within the guide, the Lebert Fitness Equalizer is my recommended pick. It ticks many different boxes:

  • Two versions – Standard and XL for taller people
  • Maximum weight of 400 lbs
  • Distinctively designed
  • Easy to assemble
  • Minimal movement during use
  • Comfortable foam hand grips at the top

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#2 Gravity Fitness XL Parallettes (Best Value)

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Gravity Fitness XL Parallettes

The Gravity Fitness XL gets the job done for the right price. This brand produces a solid product, and they offer excellent value for the money.

While the Gravity Fitness XL product is referred to both as ‘parallettes’ and ‘dip bars’, we’d say that they’re dip bars. This is because they’re at a height that puts them firmly in the ‘dip bar’ category with enough clearance off the ground to perform additional Calisthenics exercises too.

These dip bars are perfect for Calisthenics, but also useful to perform CrossFit, for resistance training, a workout in the street, or at home. They’re made sturdy enough and with sufficient durability to be added to a home or commercial gym, or perhaps for a small hotel gym for guests.

The improved design in 2020 has made this product sturdier than ever before. It can now handle someone up to 20 stone (280 lbs) without a problem. The design includes a square frame at the bottom – rather than a tubular one – to give it a rock steady feel. The larger 50mm by 50mm feet ensure it won’t slip about either. However, the upper section is rounded to more easily grip the bar to perform different movements.

The product is constructed using steel, which is powder-coated giving it a matt (not glossy) finish. As a result, it is less reflective and feels more upscale. The handles are 38mm allowing a better grip without giving you wrist problems. These look and feel tough too.

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#3 Gravity Fitness M Pro Hybrid Parallettes

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blankThe Gravity Fitness Medium Pro Hybrid Parallettes redefine versatility and portability in workout equipment. Engineered with precision, these parallettes embody the pinnacle of craftsmanship, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, these parallettes are your go-to fitness companion, whether you’re at home or prefer the tranquility of a park. Their robust design allows for secure attachment to various structures, be it a sturdy beam or an outdoor fixture, providing a stable base for your exercises.

With multiple bars for diverse grip options, the Gravity Fitness Medium Pro Hybrid Parallettes cater to a wide range of exercises, including dips and pull-ups. This feature enables users to engage in over 40 different exercises, making it a comprehensive workout tool. The adjustable grips and height settings further enhance its utility, allowing for customized workouts tailored to individual preferences and fitness goals.

The innovation behind these parallettes is protected by a patent, highlighting the unique technology that facilitates quick setup and takedown. Despite its sturdy build, it is surprisingly compact when packed, making it easy to carry in a bag for on-the-go workouts. This feature not only makes it convenient but also a cost-effective alternative to gym memberships.

While it may be priced higher than some alternatives, the dual functionality of serving as both pull-up and dip stations justifies the investment. It’s essentially a 2-in-1 fitness solution that negates the need for multiple pieces of equipment. However, users should note that the exercise experience might slightly vary from that of traditional, dedicated dip bars.

The Gravity Fitness Medium Pro Hybrid Parallettes are more than just workout equipment; they are an investment in your health and fitness journey, promising durability, versatility, and portability. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a professional athlete, these parallettes will meet and exceed your workout needs.

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#4 AmazonBasics Dip Bar (Budget Choice)

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AmazonBasics Dip Bar

The AmazonBasics range is popular with budget seekers looking for a deal.

Just like with any economy or budget option though, there are some sacrifices to design and features that come with the more affordable price. It’s called “Basics” for a reason. Nevertheless, it’s a bestseller because if all you want it to get some dips added to your home routine, this will help you do it at an affordable price.

Most dip bars come in pairs. This is useful to adjust the width between the bars so your arms fall naturally. However, one of the trade-offs here is that the AmazonBasics Dip Bar model has an all-in-one design. Therefore, it’s more like a climbing frame than two dip bars. Because of this, it’s not adjustable for the width of the person. For the average-sized person, that will be fine. However, for someone who’s either very slender, well built, or heavy-set, then the bars may either be uncomfortably close or a little far away.

The foam grips at the top extend all across and a little down each side. They’d durable, reliable, and don’t slip about. This is good to see.

The foam floor pads, not really feet, use a different design. They’re positioned in the centre on each side and are shaped like rectangular blocks. However, they do a surprisingly decent job of keeping the dip bar in position during use. The exerciser’s weight helps to anchor the frame too. It supports up to  297.4 kg (655 lbs) which means anyone can use it.

Performing dips with this fitness product are great. Don’t think that you can perform parallette-style moves though because that won’t be possible. Moving between different sets of horizontal body rows to another exercise will be less fluid than with the Gravity Fitness or Lebert Fitness Equalizer dip bars.

The size of this dip supports someone over 6 feet tall. This is surprising with a product that’s not marketed as “XL”. As such, it is a good option for taller people too.

Assembly is required. However, this usually only takes about 15 minutes to complete. It does require you to be technically minded, but patience is a virtue here. The design also permits the addition of straps or push up rings to be attached. These would be extras and need to be purchased separately.

Overall, the AmazonBasics Dip fitness bar is a solid budget choice is you’ll forgive the lack of adjustability for width, the sometimes-tricky assembly, and the possibility that this fitness product won’t last as long as other choices. Like most things in life – it’s a trade-off.

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#5 Yaheetech Dipping Station

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Yaheetech Dipping Station

The Yaheetech Dipping Station sports an unusual design but it’s useful as an affordable piece of equipment to perform dips.

Rather than being designed as a pair of dip stands, this is a one-piece model which similarly to the AmazonBasics product above, does not allow for any adjustment of the width between each handgrip. The design is also different with grip bars protruding out to the front of the station.

Don’t expect to perform a wide variety of exercises using this product. Gymnastic and movements similar to when using parallettes bars won’t be on the cards either. With that said, for a simple dip bar station where you’re not looking for much more, this certainly ticks those boxes well.

The legs are set at an angle rather than running parallel to each other. It’s an unusual choice, but it does provide extra legroom. Also, there are four rubber feet fitted to stop the station’s movement during use.

There’s plenty of space for someone who’s 6 feet tall to perform dips without their knees coming close to the floor. This is great for taller people who struggle to find dip bar equipment that’s large enough for them.

There’s a 200kg (31 stone or 440 lbs) weight limit which is fantastic. No one should have an issue using this dip station when they’re on the heavier side and wanting to lose weight.

Assembly is required. The equipment needs about 15 minutes or so to put everything together and get started with the first workout.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are dips safe to do?

Dips are safe as a form of home exercise. They should be done using the correct form to avoid getting a potential shoulder injury. Study any accompanying exercise guides or picking up an instructional DVD is the best idea.

How high should a dip bar be?

A dip bar should be at a comfortable level for your height. When you’re 6 feet or taller, make sure that the product is built to support your height. Some dip bars are not. Look for a model that’s tall enough or an XL version that usually is.

Will dips build mass?

Performing dips is ideal for upper body exercises. It builds the triceps but the shoulders, chest, and back also benefit too. When used with a variety of exercises, a solid body workout is possible.

Can I do dips everyday?

It’s best to alternate the days that you perform dips. If you also do pull-ups, then perform pull-ups on one day and dips the next to avoid overdoing it. Dips shouldn’t be performed everyday.

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