Best Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bars

A wall mounted pull-up bar is a popular choice for people who are looking for the most solid home pull-up bar option which won’t move when it is used.

In this guide, we’re going to explain why you would choose a wall mounted pull-up bar over other pull-up bar types, detail our recommendations for the best wall mounted pull-up bar, and help answer your most commonly asked questions on wall mounted pull-up bars.

Overview of The Best Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bars

The table below provides an overview of the different wall-mounted pull-up bars we reviewed, ranked best to worst. Click on any title to check its current price.

Why is a Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar the Best Choice For Me?

There are a number of advantages to choosing a wall mounted pull-up bar over other pull-up bar types:

  • They have a significantly larger weight allowance
  • They typically don’t have any height restrictions, which can be a limiting factor on a door frame pull-up bar
  • They are much more solid, feel more rigid and are safer for the user
  • They don’t limit the user’s available space as much as a bar that is stuck within the constraints of a door frame, allowing the user to perform exercises which require space above the bar
  • They are great for hanging rings and straps from and can also be used to attach a punching bag from

For a full comparison of the different pull-up bar types, read our guide to the different pull-up bar types available.

Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bars Vs Ceiling Mounted Pull-Up Bars?

The term “wall mounted” is often used as a term to refer to two different types of pull-up bar; a bar that is mounted against a vertical wall, or a bar that is mounted to a ceiling, beam or joist.

Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bars

A wall mounted pull-up will be fixed horizontally to your wall and will stick outwards.

In a taller room or on an external wall this will mean there will most likely be a lot of room above the bar, which is fantastic for exercises like Muscle-ups and Straight bar dips which require you to hold your weight above the bar.

The downside of a wall mounted pull-up bar is that space between the bar and the wall is limited, so if you want to swing on the bar or perform exercises like front/back levers then you’re going to run into a wall…. literally!

Ceiling Mounted Pull-Up Bars

A ceiling mounted pull-up bar allows you to make more of the available space in the room since it is above head height and doesn’t get in the way of anything.

The disadvantage of the ceiling mounted pull-up bar is that you need to ensure you have a ceiling that will support the bar, with solid well-spaced joists or exposed beams. Many also provide the option of having ample room above the bar, but if you don’t have a high ceiling you will be limited by choice here.

How does this affect you?

When purchasing a bar, make sure to check if the bar is designed specifically for a wall or ceiling, or if it can be attached to either.

Most of the ‘straight grip bar’ types can be attached to either, but those with multiple grips at various angles are designed to be mounted in one specific way.

Always check the item description carefully!

The Best Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bars

#1. Gymcor Commercial Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar (Best Value)

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Gymcor Commercial Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

High quality, great price and a high max user weight make Gymcor’s Commercial Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar our top pick.

Holding a max weight of 200kg, Gymcor’s pull-up bar certainly lives up to the ‘commercial’ level it claims, and the full powder coating allows it to hold up just as well outdoors as it does indoors.

With a current retail price of just short of £60, the pull-up bar is certainly not going to disappoint and is a fantastic addition to your home setup.

Check the price of Gymcor Commercial Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar on Amazon

#2. Gravity Fitness Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar

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Gravity Fitness Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar For Muscle-Ups

The Gravity Fitness Wall Mounted bar sits 900mm away from the wall, making it the best pull-up bar for muscle-ups and CrossFit on our list.

This item is one of the most expensive pull-up bars on this list, but you’ll be glad you spent extra to avoid any potential disappointment and frustration of purchasing a different bar which sits too close to the wall. I can assure you, there is nothing worse than attempting exercises like muscle-ups, only to find that your feet bang on the wall!

The bar is also fully powder coated to protect from rust and offer a satisfying grip.

For those who may be worried about the quality of the bar then you will be glad to hear that Gravity Fitness offer a lifetime warranty with the product. You can’t ask for better than that!

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#3. DTX Fitness Commercial Style Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar

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DTX Fitness Commercial Style Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar - Full Bar

DTX’s wall mounted pull-up bar is similar to the Gymcor bar, but users may not find it as robust.

Although the bar only supports up to 150kg in comparison to Gymcor’s 200kg, it is 13cm wider (1.33m) and sits slightly further from the wall, which some users may find more appealing.

It is also approximately £10 cheaper.

DTX Fitness Commercial Style Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar would be best recommended to those who are looking for a pull-up bar which isn’t number 1 on the market in terms of quality but a little bit cheaper for those who may be on a budget and looking to save a few pounds.

Check the price of DTX Fitness Commercial Pull-Up Bar on Amazon

#4. Mirafit Heavy Duty Multi Grip Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar

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Mirafit Heavy Duty Multi Grip Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

The Mirafit wall mounted pull-up bar is a significantly different choice to the other wall mounted pull-up bars reviewed.

The multi-grip style allows the user to change up their hand positions in the pull-up to target different muscles, which can also be more forgiving for people training wide grip pull-ups and hanging leg raises.

On the other hand, however, the different grips may simply get in the way for those who are working on more advanced calisthenics techniques, such as muscle ups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What surfaces can I mount a wall mounted pull up bar too?

The best surface to mount a wall mounted pull-up bar to is a concrete wall.

You can also mount the pull-up bar to a brick wall, but not all brick may be suitable, so it is advisable to check with the manufacturer of the bar before proceeding.

If using a brick wall, make sure it is solid brick and not lightweight breeze block, and make sure the position of the screws goes directly into the brick and not the cement between the bricks.

There are also many people who mount the pull-up bar to an internal partitioned wall, though you do so at your own risk. If doing this, the bolts have to go through the vertical wooden studs inside the wall, so you’ll need to check where the studs are. You’ll also need to ensure the distance between two adjacent studs matches that of the fixing holes in your pull up-bar.

Lastly, if you are installing the bar in a rented place, then we recommend you get written confirmation from your landlord before installing the pull-up bar. Your landlord may not be too thrilled with holes left in their walls when you move out!

How do I install a wall mounted pull up bar?

The first thing you need to do is check the location you are mounting the pull-up bar to is suitable.

There are two things you need to do here:

  1. Ensure you have checked the manufacturer’s instructions to confirm that the type of wall is suitable for the pull-up bar. If in doubt, we highly recommend contacting the manufacturer
  2. Buy a Stud Finder to check there is no live wires or metal piping in the location you have chosen to drill into the wall

In terms of other tools, you will need a hammer drill with a masonry drill bit to drill if you are drilling into concrete or brick.

You will also need two people to install the pull-up bar, so grab a friend before starting!

In terms of the actual installation, here’s a great video by Pull Up & Dip that walks through how to install the bar.

This second video also shows how to install a wall mounted pull-up bar to a stud wall if that’s the option you have chosen. These walls aren’t as strong so please do so at your own risk, and consult a joiner if you are unsure.

How high should I mount my pull-up bar?

Once you know where you want to mount your pull-up bar, you then need to decide how high to mount it.

If it isn’t already obvious, the best place to mount a wall mounted pull-up bar is on a wall that has a high ceiling, so you aren’t limited by the space above the bar.

How high you mount the bar is down to personal choice. Ideally, you want the bar to sit slightly higher than the length of your body outstretched, that way your feet won’t touch the ground when attempting pull-ups.

How much higher this should be depends on two questions; how high you are willing to ‘hop’ to grab the bar, and if there are any taller people that will also be using the bar. My personal choice would be 6 inches higher than my outstretched body.

To get the exact height, stand next to the wall and reach as high as you can with your fingers outstretched. Mark this point with a pencil, and then using a ladder or box, add another 6 inches and mark this point clearly (don’t forget to erase the first mark).

Remember, this should be the height of the bar and not necessarily where the screws will go into the wall!.


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