Battle of the Bars 11 (2016) @ L.A FitExpo - Videos and Results

Here's a collection of videos and the results from Battle of the Bars 11 (2016). The event was held at the L.A FitExpo on 23rd January, all thanks to Iridium Labs and the World Calisthenics Organization.

Battle of the Bars 11 - Videos

Iridium Labs "Battle of the Bars" Los Angeles Fit Expo 2016 (by Irdium Labs Polska)

LA Fit Expo 2016 / Battle Of The Bars 11 / ft. Jazmine Garcia, Christian Guzman, and more! (by Esteban Aldana)

FitExpo 2016, Battle of the Bars, Warm-up and Competition Snippets (by Kai Rolls)


Main event winner: @Sensei_BarSparta

Co-Main event winner: @Aldo_muscleup

Battle #1 winner: @Kromninja

Battle #2 winner: @SwaggyLee_NastyBarz

Battle #3 winner: @kallossthenos

Battle #4 winner: @smallspartan_barsparta