Video: Best of Freestyle Calisthenics YouTube Inspiration

Looking for something to get you fired up and give you that ‘get up and go’ motivation needed for a good Freestyle Calisthenics workout? Look no further!

Below are a number of my favourite Freestyle Calisthenics motivational videos to get you psyched for your next workout, check them out:

QUEEN OF THE BAR – Calisthenics Battles FIBO 2015

via BaristiWorkout


​KING OF THE BAR 2015 – Ultimate Calisthenics Battle!

via BaristiWorkout

Calisthenics Motivation 2015 HD



Calisthenics Workout Motivation! – Bar Brothers

via Lazar Novovic

Keep Calm and GO BEASTMODE – Calisthenics Motivation – IMuscleUp Pull Up Jam

via Brendan Meyers


STREET WORKOUT World Cup Stage Stuttgart 2015

via BaristiWorkout


Street Workout – Everyday is Training Day!

via Street Workout


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