Calisthenics Exercises and Resources: A Complete List

One of the reasons for creating this website was that I found it hard to find online information on Calisthenics exercises and workouts. This Calisthenics resources page aims to be a growing list of varied resources, covering areas such as exercises, workouts, apps and inspiration.

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Calisthenics Exercises

Rubberbanditz - You may have seen them elsewhere on this site as I've used and reviewed some of their resistance bands, but their new website does a great job of showcasing different exercise ideas

Progressive Calisthenics - This blog has a good variety of different Calisthenics articles, specifically from Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo which I recommend checking out!

Baristi Workout - Much of their website content is outdated, but their YouTube channel is regularly updated with some awesome videos.

Beast Skills - This website has a lot of similarities with Calisthenics 101, but I'm a big fan of sharing the love so check them out! The site has a good variation of handstand techniques which go into a lot of depth. 


If you're looking for something handy to use in the gym or down at the park then there's a number of apps which can provide you with Calisthenics exercises for easy reference:

MadBarz - Lists exercises and has some great PDF guides for advanced techniques for paid subscribers.

Touchfit - Created by the legendary Georges St-Pierre himself, the app provides over 500 videos to get your teeth stuck into.


Although Calisthenics is bodyweight training, and Gymnastics uses bodyweight, I still think there's a clear difference in the exercises you will see falling under each category. Saying that, I find Gymnastics exercises and routines are excellent for anybody training Calisthenics, and often find many Calisthenics enthusiasts supplementing their training routine with occasional visits to Gymnastics centres.

Cypress Academy Workout - This 15 minute video shows snippets of all the exercises done by a guy called Geoff Craft within his gymnastics routine. Have a watch and try any exercises out yourself which spark some interest!

4 Simple Gymnastic Drills for Strength and Mobility - A top introduction to strength and mobility and some exercises to try by's Coach Chris Garay.

Lost Art of Hand Balancing - Everyone knows that hand balancing (or handstands for us simple folk!) and Calisthenics are an excellent match, and learning some of these techniques will work wonders for your overall balance.

AcroLibrary by Ben Lowrey - Bristol based Ben shares a great introduction to handstands, and has a free 20 minute video covering handstand fundamentals.


For everything else which doesn't fall into the above categories...

Fightmaster Yoga - At some point in your Calisthenics training you'll probably be told that you need to work on your flexibility (for me this is shoulder flexibility to improve my handstands). Typically Calisthenics attracts people who are strong but often not very flexible, so Yoga is a great thing to practice to improve that. Check out the Fightmaster Yoga YouTube channel for some great introductory videos.

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