Calisthenics Progressions and Skills: Google Sheet and PDF Downloadable Resources

There’s a lot of complex bodyweight skills in calisthenics, and it can be hard to understand what the recommended progressions are for each skill.

It’s also hard to understand how different skills relate to each other, and in what order progressions should be followed.

Luckily, there’s a bunch of awesome people who have tackled these problems by creating free online resources which you can access and download at your convenience.

These resources act as a ‘skill map’ showing the journey you need to take to achieve each skill, and each resource also provides links to tutorials and other guides showing how to complete each progression.

This post will act as a resource guide, listing available resources and how to access them. If you would like to suggest any other resources to add to the list, please leave a comment at the bottom of the post.

The Calisthenics  Skill Tree

The Calisthenics Skill Tree V1.6.1

Credit to this one goes to Chad McDuck who originally shared this on Reddit here.

In addition to the original Google Sheet, Chad has also created a ‘No Legs’ version without any leg exercises. For those not interested in training legs, this version may be a better choice as it is less cluttered.


Bodyweight Fitness Progressions

Bodyweight Fitness Progressions - Version 5.4

Credit to this one goes to /u/shellerik who originally shared this on Reddit here.

Bodyweight Fitness Progressions is a slightly modified version of The Calisthenics Skill Tree, which has taken the existing content and displayed it in a much more user-friendly way.

This resource is my personal favourite, as it is easy to visualise.

You could even use the full-size image linked below as a ‘goals visualisation’ piece, by printing it out and sticking it to your wall, that way you can tick progressions of as you achieve them!


Note: The PDF and images above were created from V5.4 of the Google Sheet. If the Google Sheet becomes updated, please leave a comment, and we’ll get the links updated.

Overcoming Gravity 2nd Edition Exercise Charts

Overcoming Gravity By Steven Low

I’m not sure who created the Google Sheet here, but the obvious credit here goes to Steven Low since this is a resource from his book, Overcoming Gravity.

Check Overcoming Gravity Review.


Note, the above PDF has been created from a modified version of the Google Sheet by this Reddit user. The long horizontal design of the original Google Sheet means it doesn’t make a great PDF.

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