EDELKRAFT Push-Up Handles Review

Portable push-up handles are a handy item to have in your gym bag. They’re a small and lightweight alternative to parallettes, yet they’re still useful for exercises such as push-ups, handstands, L-sits and planche.

In this review, I’m testing the EDELKRAFT Push-Up Handles. These handles are made out of natural wood and are therefore one of the more luxurious push-up handles on the market.

EDELKRAFT was kind enough to send me the Walnut version of the push-up handles. The handles only weigh half a kilogram and are delivered ready to use in the box. You can see the size of the box below.

EDELKRAFT Push-Up Handles Box

One of EDELKRAFT’s unique selling points is that “…The individual components are manufactured by master craftsmen: carpenter, turner and vulcanizers produce a genuine ‘Made in Germany’ product”.  I can back this statement up myself, as the handles are really well made without any rough edges or poor joins, and the wood is well finished and smooth to the touch.

The only other addition to the wood of the handles is the natural rubber feet and the brand etching on one side, as you can see below.

EDELKRAFT Push-Up Handles - Front and Underside

The push-up handles support up to 200kg, although the Walnut version you can see in the photo support up to 250kg (I guess Beechwood isn’t as strong?).

I put this out to the test with some handstands and planche work (assisted by a resistance band) which you can see below.

Calisthenics Planche on EDELKRAFT Push-Up Handles

Handstand on EDELKRAFT Push-Up Handles

My only concern with the handles was the width of the base and where the weight sits when in use. This was one of my first thoughts when I unpacked the handles from the box, but I didn’t feel any wobbling or tipping movement when I put the handles to the test with some handstands.

Perhaps if you aren’t comfortable with handstands yet, start with caution to ensure that any unusually jerky movement won’t tip the handles.

In summary, I think the handles are extremely well made and are small enough to make a fantastic addition to your gym bag. They are certainly targeted to the more luxury buyer who is more interested in finding high quality rather than lowest cost.

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