Free Calisthenics Workout Programs

Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time researching online for free calisthenics workout programs, and in this resource, I’m going to collate my findings of all the free programs and PDFs on offer.

I’d like to state that unlike my review of the paid calisthenics workout programs, I haven’t actually tried all of the programs. Instead, I’ll outline the easiest way to access each calisthenics program, and give you my unbiased opinion on each program.

Prepare to find yourself subscribed to a lot of mailing lists!

If I’ve missed any free calisthenics programs, or you’d like to discuss your own experiences with any of the programs listed, then please leave a comment at the bottom of the page. 

Please note that I’m aware there are tons of free workout programs, but I’m trying to keep this list specifically to bodyweight workout programs only.

Editor’s note:

Although there are some options worth considering below, it should come as no surprise the free calisthenics workout programs are nowhere near as extensive as the paid calisthenics programs available.

From what I have seen, the options are usually minimal, only designed to be used for a short term, or are only suitable for complete beginners. The better options are commonly used as ‘lead magnets’ as a way to convert the user into paying members of the authors premium options.

For those interested, click here to see my review of the paid calisthenics programs.

Free calisthenics workout programs included in this review

Here are the programs I’ve included, in no particular order:

  • School of Calisthenics: Free Beginner Calisthenics Program
  • Bodyweight Training Arena: Ultimate Full Body Workout
  • Bar Brothers Groningen
  • Caliverse App
  • Bodyweight Training by Antranik
  • The (Reddit) Recommended Routine
  • The White Coat Trainer: Calisthenics PDF Templates
  • MadBarz Workouts
  • A Shot Of Adrenaline: 30 Day Beastmode Workout Plan

School of Calisthenics – Free Beginner Calisthenics Program

School Of Calisthenics

What is it

A 4-week, free course that provides videos and other interactive content through the School of Calisthenics course platform.

Where can I get it

You can find the course here.

Would I recommend it? 

I’ll start by warning you that accessing the course wasn’t simple, and I found the landing page confusing. When you arrive you’ll be tempted to click the initial “New user? Sign up” link, but clicking this scrolls you down to the Course Contents section where everything feels like a clickable link (including animated hover states), but there’s not a single linked item within the contents area.

In the end, I signed up through the link in the main menu, and then I returned to the course landing page here to begin.

I know that sounds like a bit of a faff, but it’s worth it for high-quality content that’s free to access. The instructors, Tim and Jacko, are very knowledgeable and deliver their material in with humour and a high level of energy.

I’d recommend this course for anybody who is a complete beginner, but anybody looking for a more intermediate or advanced (free) workout will want to look elsewhere.

Bodyweight Training Arena – Ultimate Full Body Workout

Bodyweight Training Arena - Ultimate Full Body Workout

What is it

A single workout consisting of 8 exercises.

Where can I get it

You can find the workout here.

The above page links you to this page where you can join the email list to download a more detailed PDF of the workout.

Would I recommend it? 

I wouldn’t hesitate to try the workout, but I don’t think it is worth joining the Bodyweight Training Arena newsletter to get the PDF.

The only additional information you get in the PDF are links to YouTube videos for each of the 8 exercises used in the workout. Though I believe you could find better technique guides yourself by searching YouTube.

The workout is aimed at an intermediate level, though to put this in perspective, it’s a 75-minute workout which asks for a total of 120 pull-ups (regular pull-ups and close-grip pull-ups account for 2 of the 8 exercises, and you’re asked to perform 4 rounds of 15 reps each).

Bar Brothers Groningen

Bar Brothers Groningen

What is it

A PDF guide… I guess?!

Where can I get it

Via email sign-up on their website.

Would I recommend it? 

I’m not gonna hold back my punches here. I can only summarise the PDF guide as 33 pages of fluff and sales speak, which includes ridiculous quotes like “Are you ready to jump on the GAIN-plane?”.

I can’t believe how many pages of rubbish I read to find anything that resembles a workout. The only thing close to a workout is a link to this page which just displays MadBarz workout images (these are great workouts, but more about that later).

This may not be obvious to newcomers, but most of this PDF is building you up to the affiliate sale on page 20 which then introduces the Bar Brothers 12 Week System. Yes, the same ‘System’ that I mention in this review which is heavily promoted online because it has a 75% sales commission.

Seriously, don’t waste your time.

Caliverse App

Caliverse - Workouts filtered by Insane

What is it

A free to download app that has 8 different workout plans plus a library of workouts and exercises to follow.

Where can I get it

Download the app here.

Would I recommend it? 

I’m not going to go into too much detail here because I’ve already reviewed this app previously, but think this is probably the best free option available right now.

Download it, you won’t regret it.

The app is the brainchild of developer Daniels Pitkevics, and all content in the app has been free since I first tried it out in 2019. Daniels is regularly adding new features to the app (I notice there are now featured Calisthenics coaches and live workout sessions!), and these features are all helping to continuously improve the app.

I’m sure there will be a point where Daniels creates a premium membership and starts restricting features to premium users, but while everything is still free to access, I strongly recommend downloading the app.

You can also find an Easy, Medium and Hard version of the Reddit Recommended Routine in the workout plans section.

The (Reddit) Recommended Routine

Reddit Bodyweight Fitness Community - Hero

What is it

A routine put together by the /r/bodyweightfitness Reddit community, which is a subreddit dedicated to calisthenics. The routine is commonly referred to using the abbreviation ‘RR’.

Where can I get it

You can find the RR Wiki on Reddit here.

I also love the Printable Cheat Sheet that a community member put together (credit to /u/scienner).

Would I recommend it? 

Definitely! It’s a great resource that’s had numerous revisions and improvements over the years, all of which has been driven by a community of over 1.7 million subscribers.

Although the Wiki itself is very text-heavy and maybe a little complicated to newcomers at first, there’s a lot of benefit of having a routine developed by a community:

  • Many of the contributing community members are experts in the bodyweight fitness field
  • The resource is free and no single person can financially benefit from it, so you can be assured there is no sale or other ‘catch’ at any point 
  • Users will openly criticise the routine, which has largely contributed to the moderators of the community updating and improving the routine
  • Many community members have contributed free supporting resources, such as follow-along YouTube videos and printable cheat sheet and logbook resources
  • Community members from around the world have helped translate the routine into many different languages

An important thing to note about the Reddit Recommended Routine is that it is purposely designed for newcomers. The aim (quite rightly!) is to push intermediate users on to using the fundamentals taught in the routine to then develop their own workouts.

I believe everyone still requires support when working on more advanced calisthenics skills, but the RR should at least get you to a point where you can build your a foundation workout plan without any trouble.

Bodyweight Training By Antranik

Antranik Rings Routine Hero Image

What is it

A 3x per week workout plan.

Where can I get it

Get it here.

Would I recommend it? 

I could never say a bad word about Antranik; he’s a legend in the bodyweight fitness community and comes across as a genuine down-to-earth person who isn’t out just to make a quick buck.

He’s a knowledgeable guy (which is apparent in his programs), but I think the delivery of his programs lacks a lot of professionalism compared to others on the market. It’s clear the leaders in this field are using online tools to deliver their programs professionally and interactively, or filming workouts in a professional studio, whereas Antranik’s workouts are text-heavy and delivered using basic formatting on his website. 

Because of this, I think his content is more appealing to people who already have a reasonable level of fitness knowledge and don’t get as easily distracted by the high-level production values and empty promises that can be found elsewhere.

Antranik has created a Google Doc which summarises the workout well. I actually preferred using this as it was easier to understand.

Those of you who have followed the Reddit Recommended Routine will see a lot of similarities in how the workout is structured. The good think about Bodyweight Training by Antranik (and the Reddit RR) is that they outline clear progressions, so the workout plan should keep you progressing for a while!

The White Coat Trainer Calisthenics Templates PDF

The White Coat Trainer - Couple performing a handstand together

What is it

A PDF template for logging calisthenics workouts and sets.

Where can I get it

Subscribe to the White Coat Trainer newsletter to download the PDF here (the subscribe box is near the bottom of the page).

Would I recommend it?

I’d say this isn’t so much a workout or a plan, but more of a printable PDF workout log that you can use to record which exercises you performed, and for how many reps and sets in each session.

It’s got some value to it, but you certainly won’t be spoon-fed here and you’ll need to put the effort in to create your own workout.

Realistically, this is another lead magnet for White Coat Trainer to sell their WCT Home Workout Program.

MadBarz Workouts

Madbarz Bodyweight Workouts

What is it

An app which has 60+ workouts, plus a variety of free calisthenics workout infographics

Where can I get it

Download the app here.

Would I recommend it? 

So first up, I see MadBarz as two different things (maybe they changed the business and content over the years?).

There’s the free app that I linked above, available on Google Play and the Apple app store, and then you’ve got a bunch of infographics that MadBarz has put together with all kinds of fun-to-follow workouts. 

I’ve linked my favourite 9 workout infographics at the bottom of this post, which I wrote in 2017, but be warned; those workouts are pretty hard!

As for the app, I found it to be well designed and had a wealth of content, but all the workout plans are only accessible to premium users (£11.50 per month / £79.99 per year). 

There are over 60 free workouts that you can try, but since these are all unstructured, you’re simply choosing a random workout for the day without the structured progression path that you’d expect from an actual calisthenics workout plan.

Sidenote: I’ve covered this in my review of the paid apps, but I’m personally a big fan of using the Thenx app for their free daily workouts, and I’ll often follow one of these if I fancy trying something different. Same applies to MadBarz; if you’re more intermediate or advance level, these apps can be great to give you some variety to your routine.

A Shot Of Adrenaline: 30 Day Beastmode Workout Plan

I couldn’t figure out how to access this plan, but judging by the infographics shown on the page, there’s some challenging workouts to try.

You’re asked to fill in a survey to download the 30-day plan, but whenever I click the link I just get the following: - Survey form

I’m not convinced the site is still being maintained, and I also found my emails bounced back when trying to get in touch with the site owner (Todd). If anyone has any better luck than I did, then let me know!

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    • I’m confused by your comment… The plan was already on the list when you left this comment, and as far as I can see you DO need to add your email to get the plan! Which link are you clicking otherwise?

      I also checked again after you left this comment and the download page works. Are you linked with the ASOA website?

  1. Hey!
    So I’ve been on the hunt for good programs for a while and stumbled on your post on Reddit. Thanks for all the work you’ve put in!
    I actually found this youtuber called Igor Voitenko, and he has his own website with neat 30 day programs. This is one of the plans on there:
    I’ve been following this for around 15 days now, and I’m really enjoying it. Could you take a look at it and give you opinion too? Always helps to have knowledgeable folks lend their opinion. Thanks a ton!


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