Gravity Fitness Pro Parallettes Review

Solid, sturdy, and under £45, these Parallettes are a steal at half the price of competitor products on the market of the same quality.

Thanks to the guys at Gravity Fitness, I recently managed to get my hands on a pair of their Gravity Fitness Pro Parallettes to review and test my skills out on. They certainly didn’t disappoint!

I think parallettes are one of the few speciality items that are a must-have for Calisthenics and home workouts, and with them being in high demand I wanted to share my review to help visitors who are looking to purchase a pair.

Are the Gravity Fitness Pro Parallettes right for me?

I remember the first time I shopped online for a pair of parallettes I was left feeling overwhelmed by the amount of choice, however, most of the available options were well out of my price range… at least much more than I was willing to spend anyway.

This to me is where Gravity Fitness have nailed it with their Pro Parallettes.

The parallettes are made out of steel feels which feels light enough to carry around, but solid enough to provide you with the uttermost comfort when using them. At 30cm high, the bars are high enough to practice key exercises such as L-Sits, Planches, Handstands, and Tucks.

One thing I love about this type of parallette compared to others I’ve seen on the market is the grip of the bars, which feels similar to steel bars that I’d use at the gym or at the park. If you compare these to the Lebert Fitness Equalizer Parallettes for example, you can see that other parallettes commonly have small soft grips on them, which in my opinion isn’t practical. This grip style feels highly limiting, whereas with the Gravity Fitness solid steel style I can simply rub a bit of chalk on my hands and have as much flexibility as I need with the equipment.

Gravity Fitness has now improved the latest version of the product by adding rubber grips to the feet. This means the parallettes can now be used on a wooden floor, or any other smooth surface, without having to worry about the bars slipping.

Gravity Fitness Pro Parallettes - Calisthenics 101

What other alternatives are there to the Gravity Fitness Pro Parallettes?

If you are looking for a taller pair of parallettes that can also be used as dipping bars, I would instead recommend the Gravity Fitness XL Pro Parallettes which are the latest product to be added to the Gravity Fitness range.

These parallettes sit at a height of 80cm which is 50cm higher off the ground than the Pro version of the parallettes.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to buy a pair of parallettes which are made out of wood and give an appearance of an authentic gymnastic product then the best alternative parallettes I would recommend are the skillworx Parallettes.

What else should I be aware of when buying the Gravity Fitness Parallettes?

There are a couple of final pointers I would suggest taking into account:

  • You’ll need a spanner to put the Parallettes together, so don’t think you can just unpack them and assemble with your hands. It took me about 10 minutes to unpack them and put them together, so it’s only a quick job!
  • I’d not recommend regularly dismantling them and putting them back together if you’re looking to travel with them, though they’re the perfect size to throw in the boot or the back seat of a car, which shouldn’t be a problem for most people.

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