(Video) Which Resistance Bands Are Best For Calisthenics?

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When it comes to buying resistance bands for calisthenics, there’s a lot of choices out there which makes it easy to make a bad purchase.

Not only are there plenty of brands to choose from, but there are also different types of resistance bands available, with each type of resistance band being suited for different sports and exercises.

In this video, we discuss the different types of resistance bands available and which resistance bands you should purchase when training bodyweight exercises.

We explain what you should consider when buying a set of resistance bands, and provide you with some recommendations to get you started.

If you haven’t used resistance bands for training calisthenics before then you are hugely missing out.

Not only can bands be used to help you achieve bodyweight skills that you can’t complete without help, such as pull-ups or muscle-ups, but they can also be used to improve your form and increase the number of reps you can complete.

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