What Are the Benefits of Using a Lacrosse Massage Ball?

Lacrosse massage balls have recently emerged as a very important massage tool.

They’re a nifty little tool to add to your kit bag, however, many people don’t know the many benefits of using them, and therefore they are often ignored.

But just what are these massage balls, and why should you buy one?

Lacrosse massage balls are dense and hard, unlike tennis balls. Even when pressured, they don’t soften easily.

In cases of sore muscles, lacrosse balls can then be utilised much more appropriately as an effective massage tool, in order to help improve performance and nullify any pain.

Lacrosse ball massage is another form of self-myofascial release apart from foam rollers and others. This form of therapeutic massage is usually carried out either after an exercise to aid muscle recovery or before a workout to loosen up sore muscles.

Facia are a thin layer of tissues that are so connected and covers the body’s ligaments and muscles. All the muscles groups are connected by the fascia. They can trigger poor movement patterns and cause pain when disrupted.

The pain occurs when the fascia is tightened, forcing the body tissues out of alignment and increasing the pressure on joints and muscles. The main aim of the myofascial therapy is to loosen and stretch the fascia, so that the tissues underneath can have the freedom to move.

For a very good reason, these and other self-myofascial release methods are increasingly becoming popular. This is as a result of the increased knowledge about its soft tissue care or massage and its healing benefits. These forms of massage are very cost-effective since unless you have enough money to go for a luxury massage or you are an athlete, you may not opt-in for a massage frequently; which means, forfeiting its benefits.

Utilizing a lacrosse massage ball is a good alternative to massage therapy and is very affordable. These dense, round balls can offer several benefits of therapeutic massage, cost-free.

There are many reasons why it is beneficial to buy one for your personal upkeep, as listed below.

1. Enhances Flexibility and Improves Joint Movement

Stretching has been the widely used technique for enhancing flexibility and decreasing muscle tightness or fatigue before or during exercise and sporting activities.

Recent research has proved that combining the use of a lacrosse massage ball in your stretching routine, before an activity, can facilitate an increase in flexibility and improve muscles efficiency.

2. Better Circulation of Oxygenated Blood

Your body system needs sufficient oxygenation blood to be circulated throughout in order to carry out its functions.

This makes good circulation crucial to the overall functions of the cells of a living being.

Improper circulation can lead to a number of problems like a weak immune system, impaired cognitive activity (ability to clearly think) and numbness in the limbs.

Myofascial therapy like lacrosse massage ball can enhance circulation through freeing up the tight areas where there are restrictions on blood flow.

3. Reduces Stress

Lacrosse massage ball can help suppress the stress incurred in post-workout.

According to a study, myofascial therapy can reduce the level of cortisol. After tedious exercise, this hormone dials down seriously.

4. Reduces Soreness Due to Exercise

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is usually experienced by those that carry out exercise whether on a regular or occasional basis.

Within 48hrs of exercise, DOMS can be experienced as a stiffness or pain around the muscles.

However, research has shown that lacrosse massage ball can greatly reduce the chances of that intense soreness, giving you the freedom to efficiently carry out your day to day workouts without any after pain or stiffness.

5. Prevents Injury

Most of the time, using a lacrosse massage ball as part of a proper stretching and warm-up can do away with injuries that occur as a result of overuse or tightness of the muscles.

However many of us have niggles and issues that the lacrosse massage ball can be used to treat.

One example of where the lacrosse massage ball can be useful here is treating Iliotibial band syndrome (aka IT band). The iliotibial band is a ligament that extends from below the knee to the top of the leg by the hips. Especially in runners, this ligament tends to be susceptible to injury.

In the video below, Poise Fitness shows you you can use a lacrosse massage ball to release Iliotibial band.

A quick warning: You can do more harm than good to yourself if you don’t use the therapy properly. Massaging an area that is already inflamed can increase the inflammation and give you the opposite of the expected results.

6. Relieving Sciatic Pain

The sciatic nerve can be liberated from any form of pressure by using a lacrosse massage ball.

Whether the pressure is brought about by impingement of the piriformis muscles or compression of the lumbar spine, lacrosse massage ball can create necessary space for the surrounding muscles and joints to properly function without causing pain or affecting the sciatic nerve.

7. Relieving Chronic Headache/Migraine

Sometimes, pain or tension in sensitive areas beneath the human skull can result in a chronic headache or a migraine.

Utilizing lacrosse massage ball can assist in relieving those areas as well as liberating fascial structures within the skull which can result in chronic headaches.

8. Complementing other therapies

The lacrosse massage ball can be a great complement to other therapies.

For instance, in chiropractic therapy, adjustments may often take a long time after the chiropractor time is expired.

Using lacrosse massage ball can facilitate this therapy and eliminate any reoccurrence.

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