What Are The Benefits of Using Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands are often the neglected equipment at the gym when it comes to serious training. They’re usually reserved for warming up, cooling down, or improving your flexibility. If you look around, barely anybody uses them as a staple of their working sets. However, resistance bands can actually be extremely useful for building strength, power, and size, too.

Today, we’re going to look at just 7 ways that resistance bands might be able to help you with your goals, and some of the benefits they hold.

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1. Variety of Exercises

Resistance bands are similar to kettlebells in that their design is so simple and so versatile, you can complete almost any exercise with them. Squats, presses, rows, crunches, and basically any exercise you can do with a normal weight, you can do with a resistance band.  This is extremely useful for the next point.

2. Improve Your Mobility

Bands are the perfect solution for spicing up your flexibility and mobility routine to prevent yourself from injuries and get more out of your exercises. 

Usually, stretching can be quite uninteresting and demotivating as the effectiveness of your session will depend on how flexible you already are. 

Many of the best stretches depend on some form of external resistance, such as a training partner, to push the muscle past the point where you can. Yet, not many of us have the luxury of a training partner. Thankfully, by wrapping the bands below and around your limbs you can pull the muscle into a deeper stretch to lengthen it further and allow you to progress quicker. For instance, a standard lying hamstring stretch can be difficult for some, but by wrapping the band underneath your foot and elevating it overhead, you can pull the muscles of the upper and lower leg further into the stretch.

You can also use them for warming up or cooling down, moving your muscles throughout the entire range of motion and doing light strengthening exercises before your main working weight. This makes the bands essential for your training as an exclusive piece of equipment or as part of a larger routine.

3. Easy to Store and Travel With

Staying fit and healthy whilst on the move can be extremely difficult as you don’t always have access to the best food, a good gym or enough time to train. Thankfully, resistance bands are extremely lightweight and can be easily stored to carry with you wherever you go, and thanks to their versatility, you can always be confident that you’ll get in a good workout.

4. Can Make Normal Exercises Harder

As resistance bands can be wrapped around things and stretched, they can be used to increase the intensity of normal exercises. For instance, by placing the handles underneath your palms and putting the band behind your back, you can increase the resistance of your push-ups.

If you attach the bands to either side of a dumbbell, you can increase the resistance of the squat and bench press. This is a good way to help with the topmost portion of the lift as that will be where the band is stretched the most. So, if you have trouble locking out or simple want to take your exercises to the next level, then bands can do that.

5. Reduced Risk of Injury

Resistance bands can provide all the same benefits for your muscles when compared to barbells and dumbbells, but they carry a reduced risk of injury for your joints.

If you already have an existing joint injury, then this allows you a way to train your body to become bigger and stronger without worsening these injuries. Not to mention, bands can make for an excellent solution when rehabilitating yourself after an injury.

Due to their lack of stress upon the joints and the fact that you can purchase the right tension based upon your capabilities, you can use bands to slowly strengthen your muscles and joints no matter where you are.

6. Constant Tension

Interestingly, with some movements that use a barbell and dumbbell there are parts of the exercise where the muscles aren’t being worked that hard. This is all because of the different effects of gravity throughout the range of motion. Yet, with a resistance band there’s a constant amount of tension throughout the entire movement, leading to a greater stimulation of the muscles and better results.

7. Inexpensive

If you’re looking to purchase fitness equipment for your home, then resistance bands are an incredibly cheap yet effective option compared to dumbbells, kettlebells, and other equipment. Not to mention, as you can perform a variety of exercises with them, there’s no need to purchase a large range of equipment because the bands can do it all.

This saves you space, money, and time between starting and reaching your goal.