Shed Some Pounds: 7 Super Foods that Help You Lose Weight

How many times you go home tired and struggle with what to be cooked and end up ordering something? We all know that hunger pangs really hit hard and then it is a battle between your convenience and health in which the convenience wins.

Also, all the calories created are not equal. Different foods go through different metabolic pathways in the body. They affect differently on the hunger hormones and the calories that are burnt. So, with going to the gym, employ these foods in your daily routine to stay fit and active.

1. Whole eggs:

Whole eggs

To the contrary, eggs are the best food that you can eat if you need to lose weight. They’re rich in proteins, healthy fats and can make you feel full even with low calories. There’s a myth about eggs that they affect the blood cholesterol levels and lead to heart attacks.

Eggs are also rich in nutrients and can help you in getting all the nutrients that you’d need on a calorie restricted diet. All the essential nutrients are found in egg yolks. A study shows that eggs for breakfast act as a catalyst in the weight loss on a calorie restricted diet.

2. Green leafy vegetables:

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, cabbage, collards, make them a perfect for a weight loss diet. They’re rich in fibre and contain a lesser amount of calories and carbohydrates.

Eating green leafy vegetables is an effective way to increase the volume of your meals without increasing the calories. Along with this, Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

3. Grapefruit:


Grapefruits are a powerhouse of vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, and pectin- a soluble fibre that helps in fighting atherosclerosis. Pink and red varieties of Grapefruit are dense in vitamin A and lycopene, a phytochemical which protects arterial walls from oxidative damage.

4. Salmon:


Fishes like salmon are extremely healthy. They’re loaded with quality protein, healthy fats, and all the essential nutrients. Seafood is a rich source of iodine and is essential for the proper function of the thyroid which is important to keep the body’s metabolism in its optimum condition.

Oily fishes like salmon are also loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids which are helpful in reducing inflammation. Other fishes such as Mackerel, trout, sardines, herring are also helpful in reducing calories.

5. Lean meat:

Lean meat

Health benefits of lean meat are many. They’re a weight loss friendly food. As they are rich in proteins they leave a person feeling full and would also make them burn up 80 to 100 percent of calories.

Studies have shown that an intake of about 20-30% can cut cravings by 60% reducing the need for the late night munching. However, if you’re on a low-carb diet, you can eat fatty meats. But if you’re on a moderate to high carb diet, choosing lean meats would be more effective.

6. Potatoes:


Potatoes are a versatile vegetable and can go well with almost all other vegetables. The reason being, they contain several properties which make them perfect for weight loss and optimum health. They’re high in potassium and plays an important role in blood pressure control.

If you boil potatoes and allow it to cool down they’ll form a starch like substance that has been shown to have all sorts of health benefits. Other than potatoes, turnips and sweet potatoes are also good for a weight loss plan.

7. Avocado:


Avocados are a gift for those on a weight loss plan. They’re dense in healthy fats. Along with this, they’re also high in monounsaturated oleic acid and contain lots of water. They’re perfect for salad preparations as they can increase the nutrient uptake from the vegetables.

Employ these amazing foods in your day to day routine to stay in shape and healthy. Also, don’t forget to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This post was written as a guest post by Joseph Payne. Joseph is the marketing manager at, deals and discounts provider company. He is passionate about money savings, investment and finance industry. In addition, Joseph also supports non-profit agencies that provide healthcare solutions to handicapped and disabled people.

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