ThenX App Review

Callisthenics are a great way of building your strength and losing weight without purchasing expensive equipment.

For a callisthenics workout to be successful, it must be planned properly. After all, it’s for the best that all the muscle groups in your body develop equally.

To aid your exercising efforts and plan them well, you can make use of a callisthenics app. These apps ensure that your exercises cover all grounds, but knowing what makes a good callisthenics app can be difficult.

And that’s where the ThenX app promises to be the all-in-one workout solution you need. Offering sample workouts and structuring them according to your needs, the app strives to help you reach the desired gains.

So, to see if it can be the workout app you need, read our ThenX App review. Let’s see whether the app can help improve your workout experience or not!

About ThenX App

ThenX was made with bodyweight training in mind to help all users learn the knowledge necessary to achieve their desired physique. Consisting of several well-tested programs, the app was created with the help of athletes and instructors to deliver exercise guidance in the simplest way possible.

Excelling in callisthenics fitness and ability is a matter of both persistence and using the correct knowledge. And with its several exercise programs, ThenX has you face several challenges that develop both the skill and the ability necessary to progress.

The app is designed to be accessible by anyone of any age or fitness level. And all the content in it is relayed through short video tutorials that allow the user to pace the workout comfortably.

ThenX is an app that puts emphasis on proper form while being highly customisable to create a workout experience that may suit the user’s preferences.

Setting ThenX App Up

ThenX App is available on both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store and can be downloaded for free. It’s an application that doesn’t take up much storage space, making it a lightweight addition to your phone.

Once installed, you will be asked to create a profile by filling out basic information, such as your name and email address. And after that, you will need to create a password to access your profile.

Additionally, the app will require you to input height and weight information to provide content that suits your body well. These measurements can be in both the imperial and metric systems, as per your preferences.

And lastly, you can optionally fill out somewhat advanced information pertaining to your exercising habits. The number of push-ups, dips, pull-ups, etc. that you can perform will also have an impact on the content the app provides you, after all.

Exploring The ThenX App

After setting the app up, you will be greeted by the ThenX App Workouts tab, which doubles as the home screen for the app.

Firstly, there’s the Explore tab that acts like a feed for other ThenX users. It gives you a comprehensive idea of how other workout enthusiasts perform their exercises, typically arranged in a chronological fashion. 

Next is the Liked Programs and Workouts tab, where you can find exercise routines you have liked or marked to refer to later. Additionally, if you need to be mindful of a particular detail in a workout routine, you can use this tab for that purpose as well.

Adjacent to this tab is the Profile section which allows you to customise your information and update measurements. It’s good to keep updating this section regularly to help the app recommend content that fits your physique better.

And lastly, there’s the Membership section that deals with the subscription aspect of the workout app. This section does hide away some of the more advanced information behind a payment gate, which can be a little disagreeable for some.

Example Workouts

ThenX offers a large variety of example workouts that can cater to nearly all body types and exercise preferences. There’s a large blend of workouts to be found here, particularly for endurance training, building skill and improving exercise efficiency.

The programs ThenX provides are highly customisable and broad in nature, which is preferable over the more linear training programs available online. And with its breadth of coverage, achieving your specific bodyweight and strength goal becomes a lot more manageable.

Is The ThenX App Worth Your Time?

ThenX has a lot of training content that can be accessed without requiring a subscription. Users also have access to workouts that are posted daily and are typically easy to follow. 

Additionally, these workouts are segmented into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced sections that allow you to scale based on your skill level. And with the quality of workouts that the app provides, using ThenX until you reach advanced stages is worth considering.

Ultimately, what makes this app worth looking into is the variety of workout programs it offers. With it, you can exercise at your own pace and skill level, offering plenty of flexibility in the process.

It’s worth noting that the Explore section of the app is not as well-utilised as it could have been. Improved engagement would have gone a long way for beginners and experts alike, something that is missing from the app.

ThenX App Alternatives

If you’re looking for alternatives to ThenX, there are plenty of options to choose from on the market. These offer a personalised training experience that helps users build a strong and lean body.

1. Best Mobile App: The Movement Athlete Academy

The Movement Athlete Academy offers a mobile app that is easy to access and offers plenty of features to facilitate training. Its simplified interface and variety of workouts will help you reach your strength goals through appropriate guidance.

2. Best Value For Money: Cali Move

Cali Move is a workout tool that offers several workouts at a low price. It offers a myriad of options based on your body and personal preferences in workout program bundles. Some of these workout bundles include Body Transformation, Complete Callisthenics, Mobility 2.0, and more.

3. Best Mental And Movements: Warrior 20XX

For a more guided approach to bodyweight exercises, you may consider Warrior 20XX. It focuses heavily on building strength and endurance, aiming to help you improve your exercise performance through several sets of exercises.

Final Verdict

ThenX App offers plenty of workout programs and exercises that are tailored to the user. As such, it may be a useful tool for beginners and veterans looking to improve the way they exercise.

While the premium content may not attract everyone’s attention, the free workouts make up for it. And accompanying its content quality is its ease of use, which can be favourable for those who are technologically savvy and even those who are not.

At the end of the day, only you can decide whether the app is worth the time or not, based on your personal goals.

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