TRINGS Review: Pullup & Dip’s Latest Calisthenics Rings

The TRINGS by Pullup & Dip are certainly an interesting innovation. The unique and functional design of the TRINGS paired with the sleek marketing slogan Pullup & Dip has for their brand which is “workout wherever you want” captured my interest enough to want to pick up a set for myself.

I have now had them for over a week and feel like I have spent enough time with the TRINGS to make a fair and informative review, which is exactly what we are going to be doing in this article.

In this TRINGS review, I will be giving you my full honest and unbiased review of Pullup & Dip’s latest pair of gymnastic rings, as well as going through some of the vital information you may need to know if you are considering picking a pair up for yourself.

What Are “TRINGS”?

The TRINGS are a pair of gymnastic rings that have been designed with a unique feature; three different types of grips on one handle (see photos below to take a look a look at a close up of the different grips).

Having three different grips all on the same ring is a pretty unique idea, and it allows people to only buy one set of rings instead of three different types of rings.

The alternative grips give people the opportunity to perform different types of exercises which would have otherwise not been optimal with the regular calisthenic rings, as well as giving more choices to people to use which grips they prefer.

The rings are made out of strong birch wood and are designed to provide a superior grip especially for when people have sweaty hands, which we will talk further about later on in the article. Furthermore, the straps are made out of nylon, feature quick-lock buckles and are approximately 38 mm x 4.5 m in length, more than enough to be used in most situations. The weight capacity of the Pullup & Dip TRINGS and straps is 200kg per strap, although, this may differ depending on if you use the recommended straps or not.

Something which is important to note is that the TRINGS are sold on their own, and do not come with any straps unless you go for the bundle version which includes the straps, a door anchor, and TRINGS, and two bags. The straps which you can see being used in the photos are from the bundle sold by Pullup and Dip, although any straps can be used with the TRINGS.

There are a wide variety of exercise and calisthenic holds that can be performed with the TRINGS, and they are more than capable of being used for any exercise you would normally do with rings, but with extra grip options and a strong birch wood material which is normally plastic on other rings.

Highlighted Features:

  • Bundle includes 2x TRINGS, 2x straps with velcro fastener and quick lock buckle, 1x door anchor, and two bags
  • TRINGS feature 3 different grips on one handle
  • Made from premium birch wood
  • Straps are made from nylon and measure 38 mm x 4.5 m
  • 200kg weight capacity per strap
  • Ring diameter of 28 mm, internal diameter of 18 cm

Grip 1:

Grip 1 of TRINGS rings

Grip 2:

Grip 2 of TRINGS rings

Grip 3:

Grip 3 of TRINGS rings

Setting Up The Gymnastic Rings

TRINGS ready for setup

As you can see from the photo above, the TRINGS come in a sleek and simple bag that contains everything you need.

For this section, I am going to assume you have bought the Pullup & Dip bundle as I can only talk about the set-up with those straps and door anchor, although the setup will be similar no matter what straps you use.

When it comes to the setup of the TRINGS, things are incredibly simple and easy. However, if anything, the instructions made it more confusing to set up and I failed to set it up multiple times before finally doing it correctly, which I did without using the instructions.

Although, I am terrible with anything to do with setting equipment up, so the previous statement should be taken with a grain of salt. All in all, the setup is extremely simple and straightforward, and I would suggest foregoing the use of instructions and instead go off of your natural intuition and instincts. Like I mentioned earlier, I am terrible with setting things up so maybe it was just me, but in my personal opinion, the instructions can make the setup seem more difficult than it actually is.

In order to set the TRINGS up on a door, you simply put the straps through the TRINGS and the door anchor and then adjust the clasp buckle until you get both straps to your desired length. From there, there is a handy velcro fastener that allows you to hide any additional left-over strap and stop it getting it in the way, and then you are all set to go.

Adjusting the length of the straps is incredibly easy, and can be done within seconds if you are mid-workout and want to change the strap length in order to perform a different exercise.

Overall, the TRINGS are incredibly easy to set up and adjust, and even someone like me who is completely useless at equipment setup was able to complete this venture with little to no issues.

What Exercises Can Be Performed with the TRINGS?

Performing vertical rows with TRINGS (1-2)

When it comes to the number of exercises that can be performed with the TRINGS, your imagination really is the limit. They can be used as ordinary rings and perform all the exercises you’d regularly be able to do with said equipment such as pull-ups, muscle-ups, calisthenics holds, front levers, back levers, or in a word, anything you’d like.

However, it is important to note that most of the exercises above can only be performed outside when the TRINGS are used on a bar or tree. Although, that is not specific to the TRINGS, and any gymnastic rings you get will have the same limitations when used indoors.

That’s not to say there isn’t a wide range of exercises that can be performed even when indoors. Exercises like ring rows, ring dips, ring push-ups, hanging knee raises, bicep curls, L-sits, ring flies, and a plethora of others can all be performed indoors with no issues at all.

Furthermore, the three different grips become extremely useful when performing different exercises, and I would often find myself switching the grips when changing up exercises. For example, when performing L-sits I would opt to use the standard round grip, although, when it came to performing bicep curls, ring push-ups, or dips, I would opt to use one of the other grips that are much more well-suited for those types of exercises.

However, even though the TRINGS are capable of holding up to 200kg for each strap, it’s essential that you ensure that your door is strong enough to hold such weights, and you should be cautious when using the TRINGS on a door that doesn’t seem to sturdy.

Are the TRINGS Good Quality?

TRINGS hanging on door

It’s all well and good stating all of the promises the TRINGS willingly offer out, but if they aren’t able to stand up to the real-life conditions and stress they will receive, then the whole venture would be pointless.

Luckily, this is certainly not the case.

The TRINGS themselves feel extremely high quality and well made. The premium birch wood they are made from really does feel valuable, and there one definitely gets the feeling that they are high quality when you hold them. They are completely smooth with no rough edges or splinters, and the craftmanship overall is great.

As for the straps, they are also exceptional. They are extremely strong, and you can truly feel that they would be able to hold up to 200kg each or even more. When using them, I never once doubted the strength of the straps, and I felt extremely comfortable and secure at all times. The buckle on the strap was also great, there was no slippage once I had set the length, and I never had to worry about it coming loose.

At first, I wasn’t too impressed with the door anchor and it had a feeling of weightlessness to it, almost like there was no substance, and I had doubts about its quality. However, once I put the door anchor to the test, all of these worries were banished. The door anchor had no problem holding the straps while I was exercising, and there was nothing to complain about.

Last but not least, we have the bags. Surprisingly, the bags felt pretty high quality and I was impressed, which is a shock as most calisthenics equipment comes with bags that are sub-par at best. However, that just wasn’t the case with the bags from Pullup & Dip. The bags are strong and have a pretty aesthetic look to them, and I would have no problem using either of the bags to carry any equipment around or even for use as a general-use bag.

What’s so Great About TRINGS?

Bicep rows with TRINGS

There are a plethora of great attributes that TRINGS have, even when compared to its top competitors.

Of course, it’s worth stating the obvious that the three grip options the TRINGS offer give it a unique feature compared to most other gymnastic rings out there, and it’s something that is a truly positive and innovative invention.

I mean, it just makes sense. Why not have numerous grips all on one handle when it can save somebody from buying three different sets of gymnastic rings just to get the same effect. Furthermore, even if someone did buy three different sets of gymnastic rings to get the same effect, they would have to set up each pair of rings every time they wanted to switch one out, which would take a lot of time and effort and create large gaps in-between working out.

The rings are also extremely sturdy and high-quality, and there is just no doubt that a lot of care and attention goes into the craftsmanship of the TRINGS.

Not only that, but the straps also have a multitude of positives that are not available from most other competitors. As you’d expect from a strap that claims to have a 200kg max weight capacity, both straps are extremely strong and sturdy, and it’s definitely believable that they are capable of holding such high weight capacities. Furthermore, the buckle that keeps the straps from changing length while in use is extraordinarily strong, and it never budges an inch.

Like we mentioned earlier, the door anchor was also more than capable of holding its supposed weight capacity, and the fact that a door anchor is even included within this bundle is a great addition and certainly gives bonus points for the TRINGS.

Another positive for the TRINGS bundle is the extra bags that they come with, which is a very nice bonus (a photo of me wearing one of the bags can be seen below). Of course, the bags are nothing to write home about, but they are high-quality and look great.

To sum up, there genuinely are a lot of positives for the TRINGS, and they have a plethora of advantages compared to a lot of the other popular gymnastic rings in circulation.

Pullup & Dip bag:


Things to Look Out for With TRINGS

Even though there is a multitude of good things going for the TRINGS, there are a few things that need to be mentioned before deciding to purchase them or not.

One of the main contributing factors that will affect how much use you will be able to get out of the TRINGS is the location in which you live and the strength of the doors in your home. If you live in a location where there would not be any suitable areas for you to use TRINGS outside, then you will be drastically limited in the number of exercises you will be able to perform.

Although, it is unlikely that there will be no outdoor space for you to use, and even a tree would be more than capable of acting as a bar.

The second factor which we mentioned is the strength of your doors. If you are uncertain about how sturdy your doors are then purchasing the TRINGS may not be a good idea for you. Furthermore, the consequences of using the TRINGS on a door that is not stable can be dire, having the potential to cause serious injury or causing substantial damage to your door.

Of course, it’s important to note that all of the previously mentioned points would also apply to any other gymnastic rings that can be used both indoors and outdoors, but it’s still something you’ll need to take into consideration.

The only other complaint I have about the TRINGS is to do with the setup. The setup process itself is extremely simple and straightforward, but the instructions don’t do a great job of telling you what to do and if anything, make the whole ordeal harder.

Had I known that the setup was going to be so simple and that the instructions were not the best to begin with, I would have opted to attempt to set them up with no guidance from the instructions and in turn, I would have had them set up much quicker.

Because of the seemingly confusing instructions, it led me to set the TRINGS up incorrectly multiple times, which was a waste of time. Luckily, I eventually gave up following the instructions and put two and two together myself, at which point things fell into place easily and only took me minutes to set the TRINGS up correctly.

Like I mentioned previously in the article, I am not the best when it comes to setting things up and following instructions, so this complaint may only be specific to me.

Overall, there are not too many negatives for the TRINGS, and both the issues in which I mentioned are either issues that affect all gymnastic rings or issues which may have just been down to personal error.

Should You Buy Pullup & Dip’s TRINGS?

Demo of Pullup & Dips TRINGS

When it comes to discussing who exactly the TRINGS are for, the true answer is simply for everyone

In reality, calisthenics is a movement that is extremely versatile, and the TRINGS can be adjusted to suit all levels of athletes.

If you are someone who has trained calisthenics for years and need a real challenge, then you can easily opt to perform only the most difficult of exercises on the TRINGS and perhaps leverage other equipment such as bands to further increase the difficulty.

On the other hand, if you are a complete beginner to calisthenics and have never touched gymnastic rings before, the TRINGS are also more than capable of catering to you too. The number of exercises that can be performed on the TRINGS really does allow for a wide spectrum of different people to get versatile use out of them, and they are well-suited to anyone.

The only type of person who should perhaps not opt to get the TRINGS are those who have little space in their homes or have faulty doors that would not be able to sustain the use of the TRINGS. Although, even if that is the case, said people will still more than likely have access to an outside area in which the TRINGS would be able to excel, and they would be able to get more than ample use out of the TRINGS.

Overall Thoughts on the Pullup & Dip Calisthenics TRINGS

My overall thoughts on the TRINGS are that the TRINGS are a great new innovation over the normal gymnastic rings, and they are certainly an upgrade.

When you have the choice between going for normal, plastic gymnastic rings that are oftentimes the first choice that people opt for when buying gymnastic rings, or the TRINGS which are made out of premium birch would and have three different grips combined into one, the TRINGS just win that comparison.

The concept of the TRINGS alone gives it an edge over the competition, and the fact that people can save money by purchasing the TRINGS instead of three different gymnastic rings in order to get access to all of the grips that the TRINGS has is truly an amazing feature.

Furthermore, even if money isn’t an issue and someone could easily afford to splurge out and get three different sets of gymnastic rings to have access to the different types of grips, then the TRINGS still come out on top since switching grips takes far less effort and is much quicker than taking down and setting up a new pair of rings for every workout.

The straps that come in the bundle are also super high-quality and strong, having one of the highest weight capacities I have ever seen out of gymnastic rings as well as giving a sense of sturdiness and safety while in use.

That’s all without mentioning the simple yet stylish bags that come with the TRINGS set, which I would be more than happy to wear anywhere as a lightweight bag.

I would have no issue recommending the TRINGS to anyone who is looking to buy gymnastic rings, and in fact, I would say that they are some of the rings that are out there on the market.

Not only are the TRINGS innovative and unique with the potential to save people money as well as their time while working out, but they are also strong in every other category and are overall great quality.

If you are interested in picking up the TRINGS bundle for yourself, check out for more details.

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