Calisthenics for Beginners – A Book Review

The guys over at Pure Calisthenics kindly sent me a copy of their latest book – Pure Calisthenics for Beginners – to check out, and I wanted to share my review of it for anybody thinking about getting themselves a copy.

The book does a fantastic job of breaking down key exercises and is a valuable referencing tool for those looking to diversify their workouts by adding new moves in. The book showcases a total of 50 different exercises, each increasing in difficulty as the book progresses, Although the title is certainly aimed at beginners, the range of exercises makes it well suited for more intermediate trainers too, guaranteeing something new for everybody to challenge themselves with.

There were a few exercises however that I found could be better explained, and I’d certainly recommend some further reading for.

A good example is the word “Scapula” which is mentioned quite early on in the book without further explanation. Scapula refers to your shoulder blade, and understanding different Scapula positions are fundamental to a number of exercises such as planches and levers. You can read further into that here.

Muscle-Ups are also a harder exercise for beginners to understand, and I don’t think the book gave them as much detail and explanation as a beginner may find necessary. Here at Calisthenics 101, there are a couple of resources for further reading; check out How to do Muscle-Ups with Rings and How to do Bar Muscle-Ups.

The book finishes by influencing you to put the exercises you’ve learnt into practice by providing you with a free training program which can be found online. Simply head to the website and sign up for the newsletter, and you’ll find the free program is attached as a PDF to the welcoming email.

To wrap up I’d certainly recommend the book as a fantastic choice for beginners. I was particularly a fan of how the book was structured, guiding the reader through some of the surrounding information such as warming up, flexibility, and nutrition, as these are areas that many beginners forget, often jumping straight into the harder exercises and risking injury.

I hope you found my thoughts useful – if you’re interested in getting a copy of the book for yourself then head here!

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